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Stockwell Six: The Court of Appeals overturned the convictions of three black men in the 1970s


Three black men imprisoned for allegedly attempting to rob a corrupt police officer nearly 50 years ago were finally overturned their convictions. Sue in court.

Courtney Harriot, Paul Green and Cleveland Davidson, all between 17 and 20 years old at the time, London The subway departs from Stockwell Station in South London in February 1972.

The trio, now in their 60s, and three friends-later known as the “Stockwell Six”-are on trial in court. Old Bailey Mainly about British Traffic Police Detective Officer Derek Ridgeville.

The six Stockwell men were accused of trying to rob Richville. He was dressed in plain clothes and previously served in the police force of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

They all pleaded not guilty, but all were convicted and sent to prison or Borstal, even though they told the jurors that the police lied and exposed them to violence and threats.

The Criminal Case Review Board submitted their convictions to the Court of Appeal on the grounds that “it is indeed possible for the Court of Appeal to revoke these convictions now.”

At the hearing Royal court In London on Tuesday, the Court of Appeal cleared Mr. Harriot, Mr. Green and Mr. Davidson nearly 50 years after their convictions.

Sir Julian Flaux sitting with her husband justice Linden tree Judge Wall said: “The most unfortunate thing is that it took nearly 50 years for the injustices suffered by these appellants to be corrected.”

The judge added: “These appeals are allowed and the conviction has been dropped.”

The whereabouts of the remaining two members of the Stockwell six who were found guilty are unknown.

Many people emphasize injustice on social media.

Leicester East District Councillor Claudia Webbe wrote on Twitter: “It took 50 years to correct this injustice! Our police and criminal justice systems have collapsed.”

Stockwell Sixth Hearing

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Another commentator wrote: “They have been fighting for justice longer than I have been alive. Congratulations to the Stockwell Six.”

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