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Summer street style trends: the best choice among Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts formal in, Ladies. A few years ago, they began to reappear on the scene in the form of separate suits, and now they have also entered streetwear. This style may cause more controversy, because they may remind people of private school dress codes or the image of postman uniforms, which are not the sexiest fashion suits. But if your style is correct, these shorts can allow you to change your summer look and rock the Anne Hall menswear aesthetic with the energy of a supermodel. In addition, they gave me some of the main feelings of the 1990s, that decade was such an atmosphere. I have collected a few of my favorite Bermuda shorts, and some cute items to match. Below are prepared for you.

Cowboy bermuda

Denim shorts are great, but after countless beach vacations or picnics, they start to grow old. In addition, in some occasions, shorts may not be the most elegant choice. A pair of denim Bermuda shoes with some flat sandals or gladiators, sunglasses and bodysuits or a boxy muscular T-shirt, looks very fashionable. You can wear a suit jacket to get extra swag, or really dress them up with high heels.

Pants shorts

A pair of linen or cotton Bermuda is the epitome of men’s fashion this summer. Pair them with matching suit jackets, oversized shirts, pure white T-shirts or chic catsuits for a summer Friday look. I really like the high-waisted pants that are loose on your legs. If you wear some lace-up sandals and layered jewelry, you will definitely exude the feeling of a female boss.

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