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“Tokyo Avengers” 213 spoilers, original scan release dates, predictions, etc.

With the arrival of Brahmins and the six original carbon generation gods, tensions intensified, heralding the possibility of war in the future. Considering that any decision made by Budo and Draken will determine the next event in the manga, fans can’t wait to see what happens to “Tokyo Avengers” 213.

Spoiler and original scan release date

The “Tokyo Avengers” manga releases new chapters every week. Unless there are delays or changes to the schedule, fans can expect “Tokyo Avengers” 213 to arrive on Wednesday.

As for the comics’ spoilers and original scans, fans can look forward to their availability online two or three days before the official release date. Insiders usually share these spoilers on Twitter and Reddit.

For fans who want to know where to read the latest manga version of “Tokyo Avengers”, they can check Kodansha, Its official dealer.

Chapter 213 Prediction and Spoilers

The most exciting part of the last issue of the manga was the arrival of the masked man, the god of the Brahmin Gang, Karavamu Senju.

The manga seems to portray Senju as a person who shares many characteristics and attributes with Sano Manjiro (Mikey). Some fans are so interested in this character that they speculate that he may be Mikey’s long-lost twin.

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In view of the Brahman’s connection with Mikey’s brother and his interest in bamboo roads, it is possible that the Brahman is in charge of Mikey’s salvation.

According to the previous comic installment, Brahmin wants to recruit martial arts. Huagaki Budo is brave, but he is not good at any type or form of combat.

Potential reasons why Brahmins are particularly interested in bamboo roads include their knowledge that he is a time jumper. It is also possible that they think Budo and Draken are the only ones who can save Mickey from the current situation.

But if the Brahmins knew the power of martial arts, how did they learn about it? Are their intentions really pure?

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