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Sustainable + ethical swimming brand that can walk out of the beach

Heading to the beach or swimming pool? These ethical and sustainable swimming brands are the perfect complement to your summer wardrobe.

Below are our top picks for ethical swimming brands in the U.S., Australia and Bali selected for the attentive and conscious shoppers.

Also, how to design your swimwear to wear outside the beach.

Are you ready to dive?

Best Ethical Swimming Brand

Best Ethical Swimsuit
  • Ship to the U.S., Canada + Australia
  • Swimming, dress + sportswear

“Everything we do has two roots: our customers and our planet.” – Xia Yan

Summersalt uses 78% recycled polyamide to make its UPF 50+ protection sustainable suit. Each suit costs $95 and is made of fabrics made from recycled plastic, post-consumer materials, and nylon waste (such as old fishing nets), so you can feel good about the clothes you are wearing. They are designed to retain their shape even after repeated wear and washing, because it makes us a reality-no one wants an elongated swimsuit.

Not sure which size to order? Returns and exchanges are free.

  • Located in Byron Bay
  • Bikini, dress + knitwear

“We work with suppliers to develop, maintain and improve socially responsible sourcing and manufacturing practices.”

Byron Bay swimwear brand Zulu & Zephyr designs ethical swimwear and uses sustainable plastic-free packaging to ship swimwear. The labels in the set are 100% recycled and 1% of sales are donated to non-profit organizations that support environmental protection. From design to production, the brand is committed to limiting its impact on the environment.

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Moderate swimsuit lady
  • Made in California
  • Swimming, dresses, home wear, bodysuits, tops + tunic

“We believe that style and sustainability are inseparable.” = Vitamin A

Vitamin A uses recycled and plant-based materials to create their collection, including organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton and Tencel®.Whether you prefer tie-dye prints or classic colors, they are all made in California for sustainable tops, bottoms and one-pieces Every body. A portion of sales goes to organizations that protect our oceans.

  • come from America
  • Swimming, dress, jeans + basic style

“In reform, we consider all the costs of creating fashion-not just the price tag.”-Reform

Reformed swimwear is sustainably manufactured in California. From triangle tops to one-piece tops, their series uses ECONYL recycled nylon, made from nylon waste salvaged from the ocean and landfills. Every item sold on the website has its sustainability impact, so you can understand the savings in carbon dioxide, water and waste.

Peony swimming
  • From Australia
  • Swimming + vacation clothes

“We strive to minimize the negative impact related to manufacturing and ensure that all relevant personnel are treated fairly and respectfully in the process.” – Peony Swimwear

Peony Swimwear uses recycled and sustainable fabrics to create luxurious collections and feminine styles. These fabrics are made with ECONYL®, a 100% recycled nylon made from discarded fishing nets and nylon waste from landfills and oceans around the world. Peony Swimwear invests in compostable and biodegradable mail bags, made of plant materials such as corn starch and wheat, which are easily decomposed in the compost bin. Headquartered in Burleigh Heads (one of my favorite beaches in Queensland.)

Kivari swimsuit

The latest collection of swimwear by Australian brand Kivari is made with environmentally friendly and sustainable Italian imported fabrics. This material is breathable and UV resistant, and each piece is made from certified recycled and sustainable fabrics.

  • From Australia
  • Swimwear, boho dress, sportswear + bride

“We are committed to realizing our vision to become one of the most inspiring and conscious fashion brands in the world.”-Spelling

Take their Bohemian style Spell & the Gypsy makes exquisite sustainable fashion swimwear with sought-after designs. From leopard print jumpsuits to delicately printed classic bikinis, Spell uses recycled polyamide ECONYL® and elastane in their swimwear collections as part of their promise to be lighter when walking on the earth.

  • Based in Los Angeles
  • Women’s clothing + men’s clothing and swimming

“We care about the conditions of producing clothing and require our partners to abide by strict codes of conduct.”

Wolven creates ethical and environmentally friendly swimwear that will make you feel good after wearing it. Their sportswear and swimwear series have quick-drying, moisture-wicking and antibacterial functions, and can be worn to the beach or for any water activities. The brand is carbon neutral and invests in programs to offset the emissions generated. They use fabric made from recycled bottles, wrapped in reusable 100% recycled plastic mail or sent in biodegradable cartons.

  • From Santa Monica, California
  • Bikini, one-piece + blouse

“We believe that sustainability starts at the human level.”-Bromelia swimwear.

Bromelia Swimwear is an ethical swimming brand that deserves attention. This is a California brand that blends the soul of Brazil, created and produced by an all-female and LGBTQ creative team. From design to final product, everyone who comes into contact with swimsuits is treated with dignity and gets a fair wage. “We don’t think of those who turn our vision into reality as workers, we see them as designers.”

How to let things go
  • come from America
  • Swimming, rash protective clothing, surf clothing + outdoor/adventure equipment

“Our business is to save our home planet.” – Patagonia

As a pioneer in corporate social responsibility and efforts to reduce environmental impact, Patagonia’s mission is to change the relationship between people and their things. Through their Worn Wear program, they repair and reuse items to extend their life cycle. They also use recycled nylon, spandex sweaters and recycled polyester to make fair-trade-certified swimwear.

  • Headquartered in Bali
  • Swimming, dress + accessories

“We want to maintain personal contact with every employee to ensure that they are properly taken care of.” – Loyal Brand

From retro-style one-piece suits to classic triangle tops and adjustable bikinis, Faithful the Brand is a community-conscious ethical fashion + swimming brand that designs socially responsible clothing. The production base is located in Bali, and they work closely to support and encourage local artisans. Most of the sewers that make clothing are each design made by hand at home.

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Bird's nest

How to design your swimsuit

Here are some ideas to inspire you to wear swimwear outside of the beach or swimming pool.

  • Our favorite – pair it with a pair of cute tailoring, sandals and bohemian hood, have brunch with the girls, or spend a day of adventure in a chic kimono.
  • Some swimsuits are too beautiful to just wear to the beach. Pair your favorite bohemian chic long skirt with a denim jacket, and wear your swimsuit as a catsuit.
  • Pair the cute tube top with your favorite jeans or pants and sneakers.
  • Throw away your bra, pick up your favorite bikini top, and put on a lace-up dress or jumpsuit.
  • Heading to a tropical destination? Wear your bikini under the linen matching suit so you can immediately get ready to go to the beach.

Conclusion: environmentally friendly, sustainable + ethical swimming brand

In order to extend the life of your ethical and sustainable swimwear, please wash by hand after a day of swimming on the beach or in the swimming pool. To dry, place it in a cool place or let it dry.

What is your favorite ethical swimming brand? Let us know in the comments.

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