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Trump-friendly Gettr app was destroyed by pornography, hacked accounts and Sonic the Hedgehog when it was released

Gettr is a pro-Trump social media platform that didn’t get off smoothly during the official launch this weekend.

The Twitter-style service launched on Sunday, led by former Trump senior adviser Jason Miller, and touted as Anti-censorship platform for conservative voices.

But as the platform was officially launched, it soon faced a series of problems. On Sunday, Gettr was briefly hacked, and the accounts of its most popular verified users (including several former Trump aides) were targeted. Gettr’s official support page was also broken.

The hacked account contains the account of the former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Former Senior White House Counsel Steve Bannon, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor-Green, and pro-Trump media platforms News Center.

According to the Insider report, every account was hacked, with the same message written on it: “@JubaBaghdad here:) ^^Free Palestine^^”. According to news media reports, these accounts were hacked for the first time around 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, and most accounts were restored to their original state before 10:00 a.m.

In response to the hacker attack, Gettr CEO Miller stated that the problem was quickly resolved, noting that more than 500,000 users have registered on the new platform.

Miller said in a statement: “When they came to you, you knew you were shaking. The problem was discovered and resolved within a few minutes. All the intruder could accomplish was to change some usernames.”

Jason Miller, the former communications director of the Trump transition team, launched a new pro-Trump social media app called Gettr Sunday. In the picture, Miller appeared in Bedminster, New Jersey on November 20, 2016.
Drew Angler/Getty Images

But Sunday’s hacking was not the only problem facing Gettr. After the platform released the first welcome message, the site was also full of pornographic images and GIFs on Saturday.The user sends spam to this post and others, which contains graphic endless videos and images Hillary Clinton‘S face was photographed on a woman’s naked body, According to Mother Jones.

The platform is also full of “furry porn”, leftist memes and photos of old people in underwear. Small house report. Its QAnon tag is particularly targeted because users have reported anime memes and images of Sonic the Hedgehog and various antics, including trampling a person to death.

Although other social media platforms filter out nude photos or other content, Gettr doesn’t seem to do so this weekend.The platform lists freedom of speech as one of its “core values” Terms of Service.

Nevertheless, the company stated that it reserves the right to “process what we consider to be…pornographic” and material that may be “objectionable, obscene, lewd, lewd, dirty…violent, harassing, threatening.” , Abusive, illegal or other offensive or inappropriate content. “

Gettr describes itself as a “creative market” and sets it up to include trending topics, verified users, and the ability to share and like posts Twitter.

Bannon described the new platform as a “Twitter killer” in a post on the new website on Sunday.

Miller recently resigned as a Trump spokesperson and launched Gettr. Tim Murtaugh, who served as Trump’s director of communications, also served as an advisor to the platform. However, although Gettr has attracted many Trump allies, the former president has not created an account himself.

“The former president will make his own decision. If he makes a decision, it will definitely be there and ready for him-we welcome this. Keep an account for him and wait for him, but this is what he does. Made a decision,” a person involved in the application told Politico.

Trump is permanently banned from Twitter and suspended Facebook At least until 2023, YouTube will not be until the company determines that his content no longer poses a security threat.

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