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Sweden 1-1 Ukraine live!Fosberg, Zinchenko scored; 2021 European Cup live broadcast, today’s latest score update

A crazy and fascinating round of 16 match Euro 2020 At the end of tonight in Glasgow, Sweden and Ukraine compete for a place in the quarter-finals.

The winner will face the victor of England against Germany. Sweden will face their chance in Group E unbeaten. Before defeating Slovakia and Poland, Spain will draw with a goalless draw.

At the same time, despite losing to the Netherlands and Austria, Ukraine entered the knockout stage as the final third place.

A lot of the attention of Hampton Park was on Alexander Isaac, who impressed Jenny Anderson’s team throughout the game and seemed to be the best candidate to solve the competition problem in Glasgow.

However, in Andrei Yarmolenko and Roman Yaremchuk, Ukraine is enough to make them into the quarterfinals.

Follow the live broadcast of the game through the standard sports-specific game below…

Live Update


69 minutes: Leave the bar! Forsberg had a great time. Skip two Ukrainian jerseys and work hard on the crossbar.


Simon Collins in Hampton Park…

Sweden is now in control, and there are 25 minutes left. They are the better side in most situations, but Ukraine played well and looked dangerous on the counter.


61 minutes: Changes in Ukraine because Shaparenko was replaced by Malinovskyi


Simon Collins in Hampton Park

The game is now off to a good start, and both sides are working hard. Does anyone else want 3-3?


56 minutes: And on the other end! Forsberg broke free and opened his body in the penalty area, but he hit the bottom of the goal post himself.


55 minutes: Laid off! Yarmolenko took the ball inside and cut for Sydorchuk, but his effort broke through the goal post.


54 minutes: Seb Larsson (always happy to meet him) shot low from long range, but it just blew past the foot of the goal post.


49 minutes: The second half started quickly from Sweden, and Fosberg was the real line of fire. Ukraine was suppressed very early.


Second half

Sweden let us go forward again.


Simon Collins in Hampton Park…

That is half of football. Sweden looks good-compact and efficient, but with a bit of Forsberg’s talent. They should be ahead, but will think it is 1-1.

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