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Take the Fløibanen funicular to Froyan Mountain

Riding the Fløibanen cable car to Froyan Mountain is one of the best things I have done in Bergen.

The Nordic countries are known for their blue beaches, wooden churches, deep fjords, Viking heritage and tall mountains. It is a wonderful experience created with love. Among all Scandinavian countries, Norway is my personal favorite. Despite the cold and gloomy weather, Norway is still one of the happiest countries for some reason. The reason is the spectacular scenery. Norwegians like the most outstanding views, the social support of the reformists, and the straightforwardness. My journey in Norway started in Bergen, a charming city surrounded by syv (seven) hills and fjords.

Floyen mountain Bergen landscape

Bergen Since the early Middle Ages, he has been an important member of the Hanseatic League. An important harbour in Norway, you can see this heritage through its excellent guard Bryggen, where there are a series of wooden houses facing the pier, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to heritage, Bergen is also known for its chocolates, world-class art museums, clapboard houses on cliffs, and funiculars flying in the mountains overlooking the city’s fjords.

Bryggen of Bergen

The peaceful environment of Bergen is easy to reach, because it allows comfortable contact with nature. In short, Bergen is the starting point for my trip to Norway, and I cannot leave the city without visiting the Floyan Mountain.

Floyan Mountain

The best part of crossing Floyen is to take the Floybahn cable car and leisurely ascend to Floyelet Peak, which has the Troll Peak on the peak of the city. Fløibanen integrates the city with Fløyen Mountain, mountain trails and magnificent urban landscapes, making the cable car one of the top tourist attractions in Bergen and Norway. Owned by Fløibanen AS, this cable car carries more than 1 million passengers per year. It is 991 feet above sea level and extends to nearly 2,769 feet.

Bergen Cable Car

I set off from the next station in the center of Bergen. The boarding point is about 6-8 minutes’ walk from Bryggen Pier and Fisketorget Fish Market. I can easily reach it on foot. After buying a ticket to the top station, I walked into a tapered passage decorated with stone walls, covered with wooden benches. (Adult fare is 130 Norwegian kroner or 15.65 USD, and child fare is 65 Norwegian kroner or 7.82 USD) After a short wait, Cable car Appeared in my field of vision, approaching from a distance, approaching unknowingly!

Floibanen Bergen Ride

Two cable cars run on the Vetrlidsallmenningen track at the same time and can accommodate up to 80 people, allowing them to immerse themselves in the dazzling Bergen goddess.

Ride the cable car

Fløibanen ran from the station to the top of the mountain in 8 minutes, and the ride itself is a complete experience. From the crowd of noisy tourists, I can see the blue train running on the Vetrlidsallmenningen track. When the cable car stopped in front of us, the waiting passengers (mainly Asians) jumped in quickly when they vacated their mountain bikes at the place they arrived. I waited out of courtesy, and the last one jumped in, but managed to get the best seat. With the door closed, we embarked on a magical journey, showing us the benevolent beauty of Bergen, and leaving a luxurious archipelago prospered by yachting culture.

Floibanen Bergen 4

This modern carriage can comfortably support strollers and wheelchairs. It has a glass ceiling and panoramic windows to enjoy the best views of the surroundings. In operation since 1918, Fløibanen has been running on tracks, spanning three central stations, and climbing a steep mountainside in about 8 minutes. The papers are on Promsgate, Fjellveien and Skansemyren stations. Upon arrival at the upper station (320 m above sea level), you will be greeted by a magnificent viewing platform and Fløibanen’s whitewashed souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants.

Fløistuen and Fløien folklore restaurants

The open spaces of Fløyfjellet flourish with spectacular views, troll statues and wooden houses. It is impossible to express in words the extraordinary view of Bergen you get from here. You just need to come here and have a look! During my visit, the sky was obscured by gray mammoth clouds and it started to drizzle as soon as I reached the top. Although the graphic artwork on the heavenly canvas is worth admiring, I walked into Fløistuen to find a temporary shelter. The next 30 minutes are shopping for souvenirs and a cup of hot coffee at the on-site shopping and souvenir shop Fløistuen.


Here, I chatted with a local and learned that Fløyen (Fløyfjellet) was named after the Fløystangen weather vane and was originally used to signal sailing ships. As the weather gradually stabilized, I walked out of the cafe to explore other surrounding areas of Floyen Mountain. Behind is Fløien Folkerestaurant and bicycle rental facilities. And in the front, you have a photo spot where you can take amazing views. In the picture, one can observe the natural landscape that extends to Sandviken, Buschten, Bramanin and Ulriken.

Floibanen Bergen 12

Since Fløibanen is wheelchair-friendly, many disabled tourists are sightseeing and look happy. It is great that most places in Norway support travel for the disabled so that the disabled can reach the destination.

Floyen Folklore Restaurant

Arrived here as early as 11 AM and embarked on a journey of a lifetime to one of the most trekking places in Norway. Fløibanen operates throughout the year, from early morning to 11 pm. Every 15 minutes. With the Bergen Card, you can use Fløibanen for one round trip for free. Or, to get here, you can hike through marked nature trails. But before proceeding, please get a free map from the information center near the Bryggen Pier.

Flobanen Bergen

The upper station of Fløibanen is the perfect starting point for traversing the peaks around Bergen. The top of Fløyen Mountain is a nice walking area with many sidewalks, signposted trails and viewpoints. Make it a great asset for outdoor adventures throughout the year. In summer, Fløyen organizes various activities such as guided tours, mountain biking, treasure hunts, zip lines, fishing and canoeing.

Bergen Cityscape

You can also book stone barbecues, open fires and picnic huts. The hiking guide will recommend ten best trails and hiking routes of varying magnitude and duration in the area.

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