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How customers benefit from branded email

Agents and marketers can benefit from providing branded email campaigns to customers. However, some people may have difficulty communicating how brand email campaigns can bring better results to customers.

In this article, we will share the greatest benefit your customers can get by choosing a branded email.

Cultivate a sense of familiarity and identity

With the iconic style, readers will quickly recognize your customers’ emails in their inboxes.Even just using brand colors has been proven to increase brand awareness in the following ways Up to 80%.

This has a big impact on how often subscribers open your customers’ emails and how responsive they are.For example, TGI Golf, a collective group of elite PGA professionals, found that their branded emails caused incredible 58% average open rate.

Mark Millard, head of communications at TGI, attributes this success to Campaign Monitor Drag and drop generator Can easily create brand marketing campaigns for their customers:

“Ease of use, especially the email builder, is very helpful to what we are trying to achieve. As a marketer, for me, making changes is a quick, easy and stress-free experience.”

Check the recognition of this brand’s email campaign from a customer of TGI:

Image Source.

Improve brand credibility through brand consistency

Brand consistency is essential to ensure that consumers trust the brand.

A kind 2019 survey It was found that 24.5% of company leaders said that brand inconsistency caused market chaos, and 18.6% said that brand inconsistency caused company reputation damage. In addition, 60% of company leaders stated that having a consistent brand is “very important” to generating potential customers.

The collapse of brand consistency can make consumers feel uneasy. If the company’s email marketing does not closely match the brand on its social or website, consumers may lose trust in the brand and the effectiveness of the email will be reduced.

For example, compare the branded email marketing campaign of surfing company Rip Curl with other marketing campaigns:


Image Source.


Image Source.

In their marketing channels, the Rip Curl brand remains consistent, with consistent logos, consistent fonts and colors, and similar image choices.

To help keep your email consistent, it’s worth creating one or two Custom email marketing templates Maintain every communication of the brand.

Strengthen the brand meaning beyond the product or service

A key role of branding is to create meaning beyond products or services.

The brand goes beyond the company’s visual identity and helps convey the company’s core values ​​to consumers. Values ​​are becoming more and more important: 77% of consumers Want to buy from brands that share their values

If customers have a strong brand, it is important to integrate the brand into their email marketing so that consumers can continue to recognize the identity and value of the brand. In turn, a strong branded email may increase revenue.

For example, the digital marketing agency Bluetent discovered that it uses customized branded emails for its clients Income increased by $50,000.

Ryan Austin, Bluetent’s marketing director, praised Campaign Monitor’s email builder for allowing them to write their own emails for customers:

“In the end, we chose Campaign Monitor because we thought the platform was extremely innovative and perfectly suited to our goals. The application provides a complete portfolio of templates, but we are also free to code and implement our own templates.”

For example, check one of the branded customer emails created by Bluetent:


Image Source.

wrap up

When it comes to standing out in crowded consumer inboxes, the best strategy is to create strong branded emails. Brand emails can help consumers quickly identify the brand in their inbox, trust the brand more safely, and remember the value of the brand.

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