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Tesla Model S plaid draw to fight climate change

This Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN) Action Fund, A non-profit organization dedicated to combating climate change, hoping to have a lucky winner sit in the driver’s seat Tesla Model S Plaid.

The CCAN Action Fund is drawing a prize for this electric sports car to raise awareness of better options for cleaner transportation and transportation policies at the state and federal levels.

The raffle ticket is priced at US$150 each.Tickets can Buy online Until 4:30 PM EST on August 17th.

The lottery for the Tesla Model S Plaid will be held at 4:54 pm EST on August 17th.

The chance of winning the Model S Plaid is 1 in 4,500 because CCAN stated that it only sold 4,500 raffle tickets.

Since the CCAN Action Fund is paying Maryland taxes for the winner’s car, the total prize money is $161,982.62.

Model S Plaid is the organization’s most valuable car ever, with a starting price of $130,000.

The 1,020-horsepower Model S Plaid EV can reach a speed of 60 mph in two seconds and can travel approximately 390 miles on a single charge. Tesla official websiteThe top speed of an electric car is 200 mph.

The performance car has a yoke steering wheel, similar to a racing car without levers and gears. The lottery vehicle also has a 17-inch horizontal home theater display on the front and rear of the car.

The money from the lottery will be donated to the CCAN Action Fund to combat climate change in order to “pass on a safe planet to the next generation.”

Photo: AFP/John Tees

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