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The Batang Matatag bus from Erceflora Kiddie will take children on a joyful journey towards a healthy gut.

As summer approaches, children are increasingly eager to spend more time outside and play in the sun. The Batang Matag bus arrived on time and provided the children with a day of playtime filled with loads of fun learning experiences. It can be difficult for parents to come up with fun and useful ways to keep their kids busy, but now it’s possible thanks to its arrival.

Now that the pandemic blues is largely behind us, parents in particular need to be more vigilant about keeping their children safe and healthy while continuing to explore the world. However, the most important first step is to ensure your child’s internal health, as 70% of the body’s immunity comes from the gut. This is more important than sanitizing your hands and keeping your environment clean.

“The gut has such an impact on a child’s body: their mood, reasoning, behavior and, of course, their overall health,” says J Ann Mirasol, makers of Erceflora Kiddie. “Erceflora Kiddie is designed to help balance the good bacteria in your gut so they can absorb nutrients, fight off harmful microbes and prevent stomach upset.”

To help parents understand the importance of gut health and make it easier and more fun for children to develop healthy habits, Erceflora Kiddie created the Batang Matatag Bus, a tour bus through the metro designed to bring children’s Gut health education made fun and easy. “Kids with a healthy gut are healthier, happier and more energetic, which is what we call ‘Batang Matatag,'” Mirasol said.

The Batang Matatag bus stops at the BGC Amphitheater on March 11-12 to set up the Todo Tatag Playground with activities for the whole family:

  • All Star Playground

Todo Tatag Playground features different play areas that highlight key messages about how a healthy gut supports a child’s overall development.Playground equipment turned into exciting learning opportunities for all children to grow strong, healthy and become strong boy.

Hop on the Todo Tatag bus and kids learn Todo Tatag techniques, making hand washing a fun and effective activity. There are also interactive games and photo walls, which can take interesting photos and leave good memories.

Beginning March 11th at 2:00pm, there will be an interactive program for families to enjoy together. Families can look forward to fun games, playful mascots and entertaining hosts, making for a fun-filled family day out for all attendees. Not only will the program include energetic activities to keep viewers engaged, but it will also learn more about Erceflora Kiddie and why children should be encouraged to use it.

  • Connect with Tatag Mommy

Erceflora Kiddie invites Todo Tatag Mommies Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, Cheska Kramer and Andi Manzano to join host Riza Diaz to discuss creative ways to encourage healthier habits in the whole family and learn more about raising stronger, healthier children and gut health. With the help of Erceflora Kiddie, children absorb more nutrients, activate better immunity against harmful microorganisms, Toned Stomach, Toned Body.

BGC is just the first of several other stops for the Batang Matatag bus throughout the year, thanks to the excitement of the Todo Tatag bus and playground. At the same time, parents can help more children maintain a healthy gut. When you purchase Erceflora Kiddie, a portion of the sale will support Batang Matatag – a campaign by Save the Children Philippines and Erceflora Kiddie to promote the overall health and nutrition of school children.

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