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The best glass cleaner: make your windows and mirrors shine


Some things have happened in the past year (I can’t imagine what), which makes us all very fascinated by cleanliness (I dare to say even neurotic)-and I’m not just talking about our hands.

If you have recently become more and more eager to join Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, you may already have a list Cleaning products To ensure that your residence is kept clean and tidy. But this does not mean that there is no room for improvement.

Nothing stands for cleanliness better than glass. Its transparency means that even the smallest greasy, slimy, and dirty marks cannot escape-it can see through it all. Because of this, it also makes keeping it pristine one of the hardest things, unless of course you have a permanent window cleaner.

If you don’t, unfortunately, you can only rely on some good old elbow grease and decent cleaning products to get the look you want-luckily, there are plenty of products to choose from on the market. But also for this reason, it is difficult to know which ones are worth investing your time, energy and money.

Fortunately, we are here to provide a series of tried-and-tested products that will surely make your windows and mirrors shine like stars. So what are you waiting for?

Bower Collective Glass and Mirror Cleaner

This gorgeous little brand is the number one clean with conscience. Not only are their products made from ethical ingredients and made in the UK, making it one of the most sustainable cleaning brands, but their spray bottles are made of glass (to reduce plastic waste), which can then be filled with one of the fragrances Rich cleaning refill bag.

Their glass and mirror cleaners do wonders for stubborn marks, leaving windows bright and flawless. Not only that, but you know that every 20 pence you buy will be used for the Marine Conservation Society’s “Save Our Seaweed” call, and you will feel good. Caring for the environment is indeed the core of the brand’s spirit.

Bower Collective also has a great recycling program. After completion, you can use the prepaid return box to send the refill bags back to them. It couldn’t be easier to become greener!


Kinn Lavender Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner

I really like Kinn’s glass and stainless steel cleaners. It not only exudes a charming lavender scent that makes you want to spray every surface, but it is also made of 99% biodegradable natural ingredients. Unlike many other brands, all their products are only flavored with pure essential oils, so you can become an environment-related Kinn dred spirit, knowing that this is a completely synthetic-free area.there has never been Spring cleaning Smell this good!

What’s more, the beautiful nozzle of the bottle has flow and spray function, which means you can position the cleaning target exactly where you need it.

Go out

Ocean Saver glass cleaner ecodrop

Work with Ocean Saver to help end single-use plastic products. You may not know this, but by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. But as the name suggests, Ocean Saver’s mission is to change this situation by creating truly effective plant-based cleaning products.

It’s very simple, you just need to put one of the biodegradable concentrated cleaning capsules into the bottle, fill up with water and start using. It’s really easy.

At only £1.50 each, refills are very reasonable for an ecological brand, which shows that there is no need to go bankrupt to care more about the earth.

More importantly, you can sign up for their subscription service and deliver a series of cleaning pods directly to your door in a mailbox-friendly house, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

With just one drop, shaking and cleaning, you can start making waves in the green revolution.

Marine protector

Amazing glass cleaner

If you have abrasion-resistant dirt on your windows, Astonish’s vegan formula will be great. It is made of the super power of added vinegar, which can quickly and easily remove grease, which means there is no need to continue polishing for hours.

When it has been independently tested and is still among the top, you know you have mastered some good things-in Satra’s 2016 test, Astonish was marked as good as the leading market brand Windolene.

There is undeniable evidence. Get ready for surprises with this hassle-free, powerful cleaner.


Karcher window vacuum cleaner

If you want professional quality without a professional price tag, Karcher’s window cleaner is your best new friend.

Just spray and wipe glass cleaner on the desired surface (it applies to everything from cars to stoves, mirrors, and showers), and let the vacuum cleaner do the rest, sucking up all the dirty residue.

The multi-size suction nozzle allows you to penetrate into those annoying corners and gaps without leaving any traces.

The operation time of the vacuum battery is very long, but the charging speed is also very fast, so there is really no excuse for the dirty glass. This is the next level of technology!


Bio D glass and mirror spray

Bio D’s environmentally friendly and ethical cleaning products are ideal for those looking for brands with good cleaning results and affordable prices.

Although many ecological products are usually much more expensive than ordinary brands, Bio D is trying to change this situation by making cost-effective natural cleaning products that can be used by everyone.

Everything is vegan, made in the UK, and the bottle is made of 100% recyclable packaging to reduce waste.

Their glass and mirror sprays are very effective and help maintain the gloss of the glass, and their cruelty-free and pet-friendly formula is an added bonus for this high-quality product. Not only that, they also provide 500ml and 5L detergent refills to help solve the single-use plastic problem.


Method glass and surface cleaner

To date, one of the best brands in supermarkets, Method’s glass cleaners are of high quality, environmentally conscious, and can actually clean effectively.

The combination of wild mint and eucalyptus leaves a fresh aroma-a far cry from the chemical smell of many products in the past.

Method has a variety of products and refills, from cleaning to laundry and more, so if you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable brand, they are definitely worth the investment.

They are also currently working at a soap factory in Chicago, which aims to be the industry’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum certification to reduce waste. It is green now.


Ecover window and glass cleaner

Exciting things are brewing at Ecover headquarters-you guessed it, their window and glass cleaners have been refurbished, equipped with new formulas and clear bottle designs.

Did I hear someone asking for a better-smelling cleaning product? Well, you are lucky; the green tea and grapefruit scented spray makes cleaning more enjoyable-you will try to prevent yourself from spraying the entire house.

More importantly, not only the ingredients of their glass cleaners are plant-based and biodegradable, but the bottles are also 100% recycled. Who said you can’t eat cake?



Thanks to its ecological certificate and providing excellent overall cleaning, Bower Collective’s glass and mirror cleaner Is the first choice. The spray does not have a strong pungent smell and makes the windows look shiny. It does make green cleaning a dream.

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