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The Best Winter Warming Soup Recipes

As the temperatures drop, nothing brings warmth and comfort like a steaming bowl of hearty soup. Whether you're a fan of classic soups or want to explore new soup combinations, our roundup of the best winter warming soup recipes are full of cooking fun and will make your winter nights super cozy!

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What side dishes go well with soup?

I think the side dishes add an extra layer of richness to the soup. You really can’t beat a hearty crusty corn on the cob with plenty of creamy butter to dip into your soup bowl! But there are many more options you can pair with your favorite soup recipes.
Here are just a few delicious suggestions for making the perfect side dish!

Garlic bread twists

I love the smell of freshly baked garlic bread wafting in the air. Turn ordinary bread into a masterpiece by mixing it with garlic butter and herbs before baking.

Parmesan Vanilla Chips

Just mix grated Parmesan cheese with a pinch of your favorite herbs, bake until golden and crispy, and voila! These crispy treats add a cheesy crunch that pairs perfectly with a bowl of chicken noodles or vegetable soup.

Grilled vegetable skewers

Drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with seasonings, and grill until caramelized. Paired well with broths like chicken or beef broth, it's healthy and satisfying.

Spinach and Feta Stuffed Mushrooms

A mixture of spinach, feta and bread crumbs stuffed into mushroom caps and baked to perfection. These little bites are delicious and pair well with creamy soups like potato leek or cream of mushroom.

cheese toast

Cheesy toast is my absolute favorite side dish with tomato soup. If you've never tried it, you need to give it a try. It tastes so good!

Grilled Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Cheesy Mozzarella Sticks are another favorite paired with tomato soup. Crispy on the outside and gooey in the center, perfect for dipping!

Cheddar cheese and chive waffles

Filled with zesty cheddar cheese and fresh chives, the waffles are the perfect combination of savory and sweet. These are perfect with any chili or spicy soup. The creaminess of these muffins makes them even more delicious.

What's your favorite soup?

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