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The driver’s “genius” windshield wiper hacker went viral for the wrong reason

Life hacks should be to change the way you do something to maximize efficiency.

A good Life tips It should be logical and easy to follow. One thing that should never happen is dangerous.

Unfortunately, if the viral video of the surprising windshield wiper shortcut can be believed, then a motorist does not seem to have received this memo.

In the jaw-dropping clip posted Tik Tok In the work of Stephen Keeling, a British driver can be seen driving a dark blue hatchback along a section of the road in wet conditions.

When the vehicle passed the Keeling camera, it was obvious that the windshield wiper of the car had stopped working.

How do we know? Because the driver has used a rope to pull the blades back and forth on the windshield, forming a primitive substitute.

Whenever his vision was blurred by the rain, he would pull up the rope and the glass would be cleaned.

According to the British road rules, this quick “fix” is illegal and very dangerous. Not surprisingly, Keeling’s clip was titled “The World Where Someone Stopped Me From Leaving” — and it has been viewed more than 4.1 million times on TikTok.

Keeling, a bricklayer who posted under @stephenkeeling9, apparently encountered this blue car on the way to work.You can watch his video here.

Thousands of people have commented on this video, and most people think this video is relevant and even interesting.

Several people joked that hackers are “geniuses.” A TikToker named porcsheturbopaul claimed that this is “the best innovation”.

Equineappaloosa says that the driver “lives in 2030”, and rahchyj suggests that the repair is like nothing Mr. Bean Will figure it out.

Ambersissinsx expressed sympathy and explained that after the motor that controlled her wiper “gave up” and “the failure could not recover me”, she found herself in the same situation eight months ago.

Katsvantatts provided a more extreme example. She recalled that the clutch cable in her car broke while traveling late at night with her partner.

“He drove me to make gears hanging outside the window,” she wrote.

According to British road regulations, cars “must be equipped with one or more efficient automatic windshield wipers” unless they “can obtain sufficient visibility of the road ahead without going through the windshield.”

However, the last part is unlikely to apply here, because the rule also stipulates that “all wipers and washers that need to be installed must be properly adjusted and maintained in effective working condition.”

Weekly newspaper Keeling has been contacted to comment on his video.

This particular life technique may not be recommended, but in recent months there have been many methods that can actually change your life.

A man became a viral sensation in August after the show The best way to wrap yourself in a towel.

Also last month, a mother shared a A genius hacker who makes the most of the ketchup pouch in a fast food restaurant.

Stock photos of a man driving a car in wet conditions-an amazing video of a driver in similar situations has gone viral on TikTok.
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