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There are threats and progressive intimidation-RedState

“Terms, they are changing”-ST Karnick

In this era, thinking college students are surrounded by left-wing intellectuals.

I think it started when a professor who allegedly woke up, like his or her fellow government official or mainstream media conversation leader, chose to avoid punishment.

Out of conscious willfulness, he or she described the free market thought of intellectual property as an existential threat to each student in an ambiguous way, without specific explanation.

To deceive taxpayers and parents, many professors use dark and condescending nicknames to cover conservatism, capitalism, and/or climate skepticism, such as neoliberalism, globalism, and climate denialism.

Sadly, the teaching strategy of many leftist professors is to expose young people to an existential threat, rather than just teaching classics and empirical sciences.

Of course, leftist metaphors such as climate disasters, status dissatisfaction, and voter suppression have no place in the teaching of hard science or soft science.

When I was growing up and going to school, this kind of fraud was called cowardice, and this kind of condescension was just a simple prejudice.

Despite Noel Coward’s fault, timidity is caused by unexamined fear.

Prejudice is like this: prejudgment, assumption, or sin against someone for nothing.

Such professors fall into a language trap. In this case, the leftist term itself often means its opposite, and the complaints from the left to the right often better describe the deficiencies of the left.

In layman’s terms, the use of the term capitalist was initiated by Karl Marx.

Since then, the right wing has regarded the coat of this nickname as a true adjective for those who champion the free market.

Recently, the right wing saw what it used to be called liberalism or classical liberalism, and it was occupied and placed on its head by the left wing.

The leftists constantly devise new terms, either to bless the leftist memes or to downplay the virtues of the rightist.

The rally shout term currently spread by the left refers to the concepts that the left claims to believe: sustainability, social justice, diversity, inclusiveness, fairness, and systemic racism. The definition of each term is very sparse, if there is a definition.

For example, the term colonization is intended to express contempt for rights, referring to Western hegemony in the third world. (It seems that unconstrained immigration is not colonization.)

A follower of a left will also merge with another left in code words such as: frame, criticism, tilt, people of color, “let me make it clear” and “come on, man”.

Each leftist chooses to use such a code word and is appropriately called a “virtue signal” to portray to the other left what a person calls holiness or sobriety.

Another language strategy that true leftists would use semi-consciously is to promote the official, alarmist “narrative” of the current news. This is almost apocalyptic, but it is completely forgotten after a few days.

Even the word “progress”, which refers to the residents of the trendy socialist left-wing Twilight City, is not really an appropriate nickname. Socialism, its inevitable dystopia is characterized by poverty equality and universal suffering, and is more appropriately called “regression.”

In many cases, the leftists’ specious use of terms such as “science” or “fixed science” is just trying to use shaky “facts” to support fragile political claims, a dark religious scientism.

A truly awakened leftist theorist will realize that his or her personal and social freedom comes directly from his or her personal freedom.

For example, the real improvement of the natural environment mainly comes from each company saving time and money, through each employee’s efforts to improve methods and cutting costs through industry, ingenuity and frugality, so as to obtain honest profits.

Similarly, improving gender and racial harmony is actually achieved through ordinary jobs in universal suffrage (one person, one vote) and free economic and political television, radio, and the Internet.

Whether it is fear or acceptance, the end of a student’s college career will provide the freedom he or she will enjoy when he or she inevitably enters the world of capitalist work.

Because the world really relies on capitalism. People cannot get rid of it. Capitalism, like water and air, is the resource for human survival. May every snowflake, cupcake, and knowledge novice see capitalism as a beautiful thing that makes dreams possible and stays away from nightmares.

Joseph Davis ([email protected]) He is the chief librarian of The Heartland Institute, a liberal think tank based in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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