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Your guide to safe nail polish

Talking about non-toxic nail polish, what toxins are actually contained in traditional nail polish, and which safe nail polish is available for you to feel good when you use it!

No one will always feel 100% together. We all have a lot to do, and keeping up with it is not easy.looks great although Doing so will often be ranked at the bottom of the priority list.

One thing that always makes me feel more confident and united is to finish my nails!After all, we call it a nail for a reason polishing. It makes you feel exquisite!Since we spent Spend a lot of time on our computers and equipment, It allows you to look down and see that your nails look fresh.

But not all nail polishes are the same! Many mainstream brands and products that we are used to actually contain toxic ingredients.Let’s see how to make your manicure more beautiful ——And safe…

Your guide to safe nail polish

Imagine this…

You walk into a nail salon. You are very happy to get a little pampering. you deserved! Soon, your fingers (and perhaps your toes!) will glow with extra light, and you will be ready to welcome the world. With just one tap, you will be more confident than before.

But what does it taste like?

It hits you like a ton of bricks-well, more like a ton of chemicals. If you have done a lot of professional manicures and pedicures during this time, you may have just learned to adapt to it. This smell is only part of the nail salon experience, right?

This may be true, but it does not mean that smells should be ignored.In fact, it absolutely Shouldn’t Yes.

The smell you are accustomed to when you manicure in a salon—even the more subtle smell you smell when you paint your nails with store-bought nail polish at home—is a signal of the toxic ingredients lurking in the nail art and the pedicure industry.

Toxins in nail polish

When it comes to other industries, you may have heard that I mentioned this, but the nail polish problem comes down to one thing: regulation. Or lack. Nail polish manufacturers do not need to list their ingredients anywhere in their products or marketing materials. This means that we have no idea what we put on the body during the mani or pedicure.

This problem is actually deeper than this. The ingredients in nail polish are important not only because you apply them on your nails, but also because they are absorbed through your skin and inhaled when you breathe. The unpleasant smell you smell in the salon? You are absorbing it every time you breathe!

Many studies have shown that the nail industry has a relatively low exposure to toxins, but this does not mean that those of us who often apply nail polish, let alone those technicians who are surrounded by these products for life. Over time, these toxins can really add up! Why don’t we try our best to minimize the problem?

The following are toxic chemicals commonly found in mainstream nail polish brands (think OPI, Essie, Sally Hansen and Revlon) and other nail products:

  • Dibutyl phthalate (DnBP): These endocrine disruptors are related to health problems such as hormonal changes, diabetes, and thyroid abnormalities.
  • Toluene: It is well known that this chemical can cause eye irritation, kidney problems and nervous system damage.
  • formaldehyde: We have discussed this ingredient in other industries before. It is a proven carcinogen, which means it is related to cancer. Formaldehyde resin-a by-product of formaldehyde-is also problematic because it damages the skin and reproductive system.
  • camphor: Inhaling camphor can irritate the ear, nose and throat system and cause coughing and wheezing. Additional exposure can cause headaches, nausea, stomach pain, confusion, and even seizures.
  • Methacrylate: The side effects of this acid include skin irritation, nervous system destruction and fertility imbalance.
  • TPHP/TPP: This chemical is commonly used as a flame retardant in furniture and has been found to interact with the way the body regulates weight and sex hormones. Research on TPHP is still relatively limited, so it is likely that more news about this will come out.
  • Benzophenone-1: Some studies have found that this ingredient is safe, but other studies have linked it to cancer and endocrine problems.
  • Xylene: This toxin will be absorbed by the body very quickly when inhaled and may cause skin, eyes and respiratory tract irritation. It may even be a carcinogen.
  • lead: It is no secret that lead basically damages every organ. It is related to a wide range of health consequences.
  • happy Birthday: These are commonly used as preservatives (in nail polish and other products) to eliminate your hormones.
  • Hydroquinone monomethyl ether (MEHQ/HQ): These chemicals may cause eye and skin discomfort.
  • Methyl isothiazolinone (MIT) / methyl chloroisothiazolinone (CMIT): Although these can effectively extend the shelf life of nail polish, they are also dangerous to the lungs and brain and may cause allergic reactions.
  • rosin: This sticky substance is associated with acute allergic reactions and breathing problems.
  • Organic Halides (AOX): These compounds are used to dilute substances, which can cause serious diseases and nerve damage.

Although some of these chemicals are mainly toxic when you inhale, other chemicals actually stay in your body for a long time after the polishing agent itself dries.

If you are a big fan of nail art, I understand this can be a little overwhelming. As always, I want to remind you to take a deep breath…and keep reading! Although this information is deeply disturbing, it does not mean the end of your personal favor.There are many ways to apply nail polish safely-thankfully, many companies and brands are emerging to make this easier and more accessible.

Non-toxic nail polish

The best thing Non-toxic nail polish

But first, talk about marketing. (You know how I feel about this.) Until now, many beauty brands know that we are paying attention to them and the toxic chemicals they use in polishes, so they start adding things like “natural” or “xxx” The labels-free” to their packaging. Although out of goodwill, these labels may not mean that you are looking for truly non-toxic products.

Generally speaking, the best choice for safe nail art is to list its ingredients or polishes described as “10-free+”. If you can find a vegan, cruelty and/or gluten-free brand, that would be great.

It’s time to be specific! Here are some popular non-toxic nail polish brands I recommend:

  • Hyun dry, This is my personal favorite! You may have heard me talk about this polish on social media. I have been using it and I am very satisfied with the results. It is a bit fancy, but it does last a long time and dries quickly. In addition, it gives me a lot of peace of mind, because I know that it does not contain the ten most toxic chemicals. They also often have sales! I tried this and love it.
  • Kot It does not contain the six most harmful toxins commonly found in polishing agents. There are as many as 120 shades to choose from, so you will have many choices. I tried this and love it.
  • Zoya It caused a sensation as one of the first brands to sell its safer polishing agents. Today, it is still known for its high quality and non-toxic formula, not to mention its more than 400 colors. In addition, a bottle is only $10.
  • She+mila As we all know, it needs longer drying time than competitors, but it has a variety of beautiful colors and is very resistant to chipping. I tried this and love it.
  • Piglet paint It is one of the more accessible brands on this list because it is available in many Target stores. Yes, please! I heard it will disappear soon, but it is good for children!
  • Sophie Is free all Toxic chemicals. This is the biggest advantage. Haven’t tried it personally… However!
  • Palm print With some of the coolest and most modern packaging in the game, it looks very chic in your bathroom. Oh, it looks great on your nails too. Haven’t tried it personally… However!
  • Kurbazar The polishing agent is made of 85% all-natural ingredients. In addition, it is very shiny.
  • Olive + June I have been doing self-marketing on social media for the past few years, so you may be familiar with it! It has a hard, shiny surface that can last for about a week. Haven’t tried it personally… However!
  • Ella Known for helping to improve the condition of nails, this is a good bonus. Its price is lower than some of its non-toxic competitors, but it is also known for being faster. Haven’t tried it personally… However!
  • Julep, Sienna, Pacifica, KL Polish, Smith and Cult and Color Street are also some other music I heard that people like. Haven’t tried it personally… However!

By choosing clean, non-toxic products, your nails can remain beautiful while remaining safe and healthy. Treat yourself to some non-toxic polishes and enjoy a more relaxing manicure/pedicure experience!

This is the safe nail polish kit I brought to the salon

Yes, they are happy to use your own products! In your handbag, put…

  • Hand cream
  • Baby oil (For the stratum corneum) even Baby lip balm For your feet
  • Body scrub
  • Nail polish remover wipes (I often do this step before going)
  • Any tool you like
  • The cute bag can put it all in! Amazon There are a bunch of cute/cheap ones I have seen at Target, too!
  • Of course it is nail polish! Zoya, Cote, Ella & Mila, Dazzle Dry… Note: If you carry, such as Dazzle Dry, please make sure you pack the entire system: primer, topcoat and color of your choice.
Salon non-toxic nail polish set

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