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The huge “Far Cry 5” fan project was closed due to copyright claims

Ubisoft cancelled a large fan production project in “Far Cry 5” due to a third-party copyright claim, effectively erasing nearly 1,400 hours of progress.

The problematic project is to use the “Far Cry 5” level editor to remake all “Goldeneye 007” maps. User Krollywood only used the assets in “Far Cry 5” to create a very accurate and reimagined classic FPS game map. Krollywood successfully rebuilt every “Goldeneye” map, but after Ubisoft deleted them all, his success was interrupted. Kotaku Report.

The remade “Goldeneye” maps are very faithful to their original counterparts. Krollywood can use “Far CryIn the arcade mode of the game, the limited assets of all relevant cards are reproduced in a playable state, as the center for community members to create and share their own content.

A typical example of rural chaos players in the United States will find in “Far Cry 5”. The game was launched on March 27, 2018.
Photo: Ubisoft

Unfortunately, Ubisoft was forced to remove this huge project after receiving a copyright infringement claim from an unspecified right holder. A Ubisoft representative told Kotaku that Krollywood violated the terms of use of Far Cry 5 and pointed out that copyright claims were the main issue.

Although Ubisoft did not mention who initiated the copyright claim, the owner of “Golden Eye” can be traced back to MGM. This film studio has partial ownership of the “James Bond” series and is also authorized by “Golden Eye” owner.

In a brief email exchange, Krollywood told Kotaku that he felt sorry for fans of the “Goldeneye” map redo project because no one could enjoy it. Years of hype finally disappointed many fans of old N64 games. It seems that every attempt to revive the modern “Golden Eye” is destined to be treated the same.

Krollywood also mentioned that since the right holder knows him, he may not be able to do anything with this project. Three years ago, he started to remake the map as a personal project of himself and his best friend, both of whom are avid fans of “Golden Eye”. Krollywood decided to remake all the maps for the rest of the game fans around the world and released a trailer for the project on his website. YouTube channel.

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