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Green politician leaves the party after an awkward appearance

Be The Green Party on the Saar River is currently very lively. Only last weekend, the former state president Tina Schöpfer (Tina Schöpfer) became the best candidate for the election. Bundestag election after. The 63-year-old former head of state Hubert Ulbrich (Hubert Ulbrich) ranked first.

However, it has previously been decided to apply the Women’s Law. It says that the list will be cited and women get strange positions. According to the interim state manager, the case may even involve the party’s federal arbitration court. Nadja Doberstein said on Monday that some representatives have announced that they will participate in Ulrich’s election. It was announced on Friday that the new president, Ralph Rouget, will resign in just five days.

But this is not all.I also had an unforgettable appearance in Thrall’s No. 2 before vegetables-The list that appeared last Sunday is now causing a sensation. In a two-minute excerpt, an off-screen host asked Iryna Gaydukova the central question of the party: “What do you think of bicycle policy?” The 52-year-old candidate smiled. “I’m pretty sure,” she said, and then asked while shaking her head, “What do you expect from me on this issue?” There was silence. Applause again.

For the treasurer of the Saarbrücken-Mitte branch, this question is too simple? Next try: “How do you want to combine social justice and climate protection in a meaningful way?” This time Gaydukova stared at the hole in the air. Then she answered a question: “Do I have time to think about it?” Then she smiled again. Silence again. This time also in the audience. The host suggested that she postpone the question and answer it later.

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