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The importance of happy customers

I can make an argument that the most important aspect of any business is not marketing or sales. This is not product development or branding—it’s customer service. What’s interesting is that whenever the topic of customer service is mentioned, most business owners’ eyes are dull, and their spirit shifts to the next topic. To become a successful Youpreneur, you need to change your position in customer service and be proactive to make your customers as satisfied as possible.

Before you start selling to customers, you want to know what they really want. For entrepreneurs, the sales process is usually one of the more daunting and tricky aspects of the business, which is why it is important to get into the customer mindset and learn how to create the right customer experience to build brand loyalty.

Once you know what they want and build that loyalty, it’s time to show their sales prowess.

Prioritize customer service

A few years ago, I had a conversation with one of my coaching clients. When I asked him what are the three main concerns in his business, he said: “First, I have always focused on acquiring new customers. The second is to ensure that my existing customers are always satisfied. Third, I’m focused on Make sure my team is satisfied because they are helping me run my business.”

The team is the starting and ending point of customer service. This in itself has nothing to do with your customers, but about how you train your team and how you treat your team. It’s about whether your team members are excited, happy, and loyal, or whether they are moving in a completely different direction.

So I turned this client upside down. I said, “Well, you are wrong, my friend. The first and most important thing is your team. This is purely because of the customer service element of your business. If your team is satisfied, then they are in customer service You will do better in terms of aspects.” I said, “Second, you should focus on your existing customers. Third, focus on acquiring new customers.

Why should you focus on existing customers before pursuing new ones?

Easier Continue to get “yes” from existing customers, Instead of getting “the first one is” from people in the future.

Earlier, I talked about the point of using a membership site as an ecosystem business model, because you will get repeated “yes” every month or every quarter.

When developing a Youpreneur-based business, you want to make sure to focus on (and in this order) 1) your team, 2) existing customers, and 3) new customers.

Many companies take their customers for granted. This is their major mistake. Satisfied customers are the cornerstone of a successful business. This is why I think making customer service the main focus of your business should be a priority.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a coach, speaker, and consultant working closely with private clients, event organizers, and senior clients, or a large multinational organization dealing with clients all over the world. world.

do not once Take your customers for granted.

Make connection easy

Customers want to be able to contact you, so a key to their satisfaction is to provide a variety of different contact methods. You no longer need to worry about more than just your support email address. If you have a Twitter account, it’s best to make sure someone is on duty. If you have a Facebook page, make sure your customer service team is also taking care of it. Let your team truly put customer experience first, so you know that when customers need you, they can contact you at any time.

Protect your views on customer service.

People will Almost always Form an overall opinion on your service One interaction.

Every effort is made to ensure that each customer experience is good. For example, if you don’t plan to let anyone work during the Christmas holiday, please tell your customers in advance via email or a message on the website that if they contact you during this period, they won’t be able to receive payment until after the holiday. To reply. Proactively protecting your reputation is a good way to ensure that you always have a good reputation that needs to be protected.

You want to listen to the opinions of customers. When people tell you different, don’t listen to them. Many experts say that when you do not receive a letter from a customer, it is a good thing, but I would rather have good, dedicated and happy customers than those who are not active at all. I want to talk to my clients so that I can hear their problems and even get compliments from them.If you don’t know what is valid and what is Is not Work, you will be trapped in playing guessing games.

I like to call my existing customers from time to time. These are my own phone calls to randomly selected people, just to allow them to participate in the exchange.by the way call It doesn’t have to be a phone.

I can use Zoom or something as simple as Facebook message or direct tweet. The point is that I like to contact my clients regularly. You can arrange this contact to make it easy to maintain, and you don’t have to contact all customers at once. Set a specific time, once a week or once a month, choose some people, and then simply contact them. This is just to make sure they are happy, no matter where they are in your process. If they have a question for you, just keep answering and just be there. This is how you take a proactive approach to ensure that your customers stay here year after year.

Although I want you to interact with your customers, you can eliminate a lot of customer service volume in ticket requests, support emails, social media issues, etc. by carefully thinking and summarizing answers to frequently asked questions (which often appear). On your website. You can include a lot of information, such as warranty information, exchange policies, guarantees, and all kinds of things.

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