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The Londoner’s Diary: Hancock, his advisers and a tangled question of time


Welcome back to the Londoner’s Diary.How long has it been Gina Coladangelo Have been with Matt Hancock? We recalled a conversation with Coladangelo in 2019, which had some understanding of this issue. The writer Alexander Starritt believes that the relationship between British and German fans has improved, while the PR guru Katie Perrior recalls with horror of his work in the European Super League. At SW1A Theresa May Glancing at how she felt on the 10th, we noticed that another Conservative Party minister liked a tweet that insulted Matt Hancock.

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British Health Minister Matt Hancock (left) looks at the phone of assistant Gina Coladangelo

/ AFP via Getty Images

How long has Gina Coladangelo and Matt Hancock been working together? The Londoner recalled that she met her at the 2019 general election party, when she told us that she had already started a communications position with the then Minister of Health.

The CCTV photographed Coladangelo kissing Hancock in his minister’s office and helping him in the leadership campaign that summer. She was then appointed as an unpaid consultant for six months in March 2020.

At the 2019 party, we asked Coladangelo about an incident in which Hancock was photographed standing with Conservative parliamentary candidate Wendy Maisey outside a Warrington hospital. It’s uncomfortable.

Coladangelo explained that the only reason he stood so close was because he was worried that they could not shoot at the same time.

After the party, the Londoner sent a text message congratulating Coladangelo and received thanks. The Ministry of Health and Social Care has been contacted for comments.



Last night, Theresa May showed her feelings about herself on the 10th at the opening night of Maggie & Ted in Garrick. When the character of Margaret Thatcher asked May: “Are they better to her than to me?”, a source told us that they found May “shaking her head vigorously.”

What about the Tory party minister and the tweets that insult Matt Hancock? After Michael Gove briefly liked a man who called him cruel and greedy, the new Minister of Health Sajid Javid liked (and then disliked) a picture of himself showing something to Boris Johnson on the screen. And the accompanying text said: “I put the camera there.” Open season.


A week is a long time for football

England coach Gareth Southgate

/ Public broadcasting

It’s not that modern football is the nest of birdsong. Katie Perrior used to be in charge of communications for Theresa May in Downing Street, but when she was working in the UEFA Super League, she discovered that this was her cost. Her company did public relations for this doomed project, and she admitted that “if you think politics is a bit tricky, and not everyone is telling the truth…you didn’t spend a day in football”. Perrior added to the Women With Balls podcast: “That day was too long…I have never encountered so many crooks in a week.”


Peace broke out between fans

England and Germany clashed in the European Cup today, but novelist Alexander Starritt believes that the relationship between fans has improved. “It’s much friendlier than before,” he told us. Things changed in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, when supporters “found themselves in a country obsessed with football, beer and snacks.” Some Germans Starritt believed that he was a wartime novel “We Germans.” author. Now, “less about the Nazis, more about Timo Werner”, with the help of Gareth Southgate’s bridge construction, as shown below. Progress, one kind.

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