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The man allegedly threw his girlfriend and 4-month-old baby out of the car

A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of throwing his girlfriend and her child out of the car on Saturday and leading the authorities in a car chase in various Rhode Island towns.

Elijah Laferriere of Fall River, Massachusetts, appeared in court on Monday on charges including domestic assault, child abuse, evasion of law enforcement and possession of drugs. WJAR The report, citing the police.

According to the police, Laferriere threw his girlfriend by Valley breeze After the quarrel between the couple, she played Nicole Rodier’s car seat on the edge of the highway near Taco Bell in Dowling Village, North Smithfield, Rhode Island, and put her 4 The month-old son was placed outside the car. He allegedly fled before the authorities arrived.

“Something happened in the car, some kind of confrontation. He pulled the car aside. He pulled her from the car by her shirt, I believe her hair. Throw her to the ground. He tore the seat, Throw the car seat to the ground,” WJAR quoted North Smithfield Police Chief Tim Lafferty as saying.

According to “Valley of Breeze,” witnesses assisted Rodiel and the child. The police said that the baby did not suffer any serious injuries due to the car seat being placed on its side. At the same time, Rodier was slightly injured.

After the incident, the police issued a notice to other departments in order to look for the trace of Lafriel. At around 1 am on Sunday, the police found him in Woonsocket. When the authorities tried to pull over and stop, he did not stop, triggering a chase.​​​

In the ensuing car chase, the police passed through North Smithfield in Lincoln, along Highway 146, through North Providence, and finally into Cranston, where Lafrell was arrested. Police said that Laferriere allegedly drove through a courtyard on Park Avenue, hit a tree and a fence, and then hit another tree on the corner, and the hunt was over.

Laferriere underwent an injury assessment at Landmark Medical Center before being taken to North Smithfield Police. He was held in the adult correctional facility in Cranston until he was arraigned on Monday.

According to the police, Laferriere also had two outstanding arrest warrants due to unrelated assault charges. wireless network Say.

“He is no stranger to crime, especially domestic crime, attacks on women,” WJAR quoted Lafferty as saying.

It is not yet clear whether Lafrell is the child’s biological father.

Said. Allegedly, Elijah Laferriere, 25, threw his girlfriend and the car seat containing her four-month-old baby out of the car.
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