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Harry Dunn’s family will fly to the U.S. to testify under oath in damages claims


Parents of teenage motorcyclists Harry Dunn Ready to fly to the United States to testify under oath as part of a claim for damages against their son’s alleged murderer.

Charlotte charles with Tim Dunn It will fly to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday before the “deposit” process that begins later this week.

Mr. Dunn’s parents will face the lawyer acting on behalf of the suspect Anne Sacoolas, who left the UK after obtaining diplomatic immunity on her behalf after her death at the age of 19 in August 2019.

The death of Harry Dunn / PA file

The 43-year-old woman was accused of driving dangerously after leaving the UK and causing the death of the teenager, but the U.S. State Department rejected an extradition request in January last year.

As part of the civil claim, Saculas will also be required to provide legal testimony before July 23, and he can choose to attend when Mrs. Charles and Mr. Dunn are removed.

The testimony will form part of the “discovery” process in the Dunn family’s claim, in which letters and documents related to the case will be handed over before the end of the trial.

Mr. Dunn’s mother described the business trip testimony as “punishment and exhaustion” but added: “If needed, we will travel to the end of the earth and return.”

Before they took off, Mrs. Charles told PA News Agency: “We will fly to the United States again to get justice for our son.

“We are very grateful to the Virginia Court for allowing us to conduct civil litigation there.

Our whole family is suffering, but to be honest, if we need to, we will go to the end of the earth and come back.

“We know this is not what the US government wants, and the insurance company does its best to kick the case back to the UK.”

The Dunn family’s claim against Sarculas and her husband Jonathan A large amount of previously unheard material was discovered, such as the role of the couple in the State Department when the plane crashed.

The Alexandria District Court in Virginia, the United States heard that their work on intelligence was a “factor” for them to leave the UK-the Sarcuras left for “security reasons.”

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