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The most expensive sports in the world

Some movements are designed to unite people of all backgrounds because anyone can participate. However, not all are unique. Some sports require a significant financial investment to enjoy them, let alone professional-level training. So, what is the most expensive sport in the world?

Explore our list of the world’s most expensive and luxurious sports.


The list of the most expensive sports in the world needs to start with the pentathlon. All of the sports we describe here require a lot of money in training, equipment, and more. Still, it’s relatively easy if you’re only doing one.


In the case of pentathlon, it’s not one, it’s five sports, completely unrelated, combined. In other words, someone who wants to compete in a pentathlon needs to hire five different trainers and invest in a lot of different equipment because the sport includes fencing, swimming, running, pistol shooting and obstacle courses. You will need a fencing sword, a pistol and a horse (then training and maintenance). If you find that some of these sports aren’t expensive when they’re separate, combining them might be an interesting option for you.


Almost all kids dream of riding a horse, and we all have this romantic image of riding straight from the movies, which has given us a few lessons.Some will stay and continue to be equestrian athlete. However, this sport is definitely one of the most expensive.


First of all, you need a thoroughbred horse, which in itself can be quite an expense. Then you have to train the animal and care for and maintain it. These are additional charges per month. When you decide to take part in equestrian activities such as horse riding, vaulting and chasing spires that you need to master, you will be forced to bear the cost of transportation and stables. If you feel it might not be worth the money, you can still get involved in the sport in other ways. Equally extravagant is betting on horse races, rather than losing money on horses, you can win some. If you want to get started, you can do it online on a safe, tried and tested site like


Owning a boat is one of the best signs of wealth these days, so it’s no surprise that sailing ranks among the most expensive sports in the world. In fact, as a sport, it’s not that expensive.The worst is to get a boat, it costs a lot of money More than one luxury supercar.

Sailing in the Monaco race

Even more so if it’s a specific boat for some kind of voyage. Once you get on board, the cost goes down. until the end of the season. Then you will have to add some extras to your budget as your boat needs to be maintained and stored on dry land during the off season, which requires you to have a hangar or rent a hangar.


Equestrian is one of the most expensive sports because it requires buying a horse and raising it. There is one sport that can be more expensive than that – polo.

polo player

In order to become a pro, you need at least four of your best horses. Since one animal can be a burden on your budget, so can four animals.

Formula one

When it comes to the world’s most expensive sports, it’s the equipment that can really ruin the budget. In the case of Formula 1, this is very obvious.

Formula one

In order to become a racer, you will need a car, but even one wheel can cost more than a whole vehicle for personal use. There is also the case of paying to participate in the competition, and the price paid is not small.


If you’ve always wanted to try sledding, you probably haven’t had the chance because it’s One of the most expensive sports in the world. In order to participate in a sporting event, you will most likely need a sponsorship.


Equipment can cost as much as $100,000, plus additional travel and lodging costs, as you usually can’t practice sledding in the nearest town.

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