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The mother detailed how the naked biological male entered the hot tub with the child at the spa that was protesting – RedState

we Reported last week A disturbing story about WiSpa, a spa in Los Angeles, in which an angry woman complained that a transgender man with a penis was exposed to women and young girls in the women’s section of the spa.

The spa did not take any action about this because they said they believed that under California law, they must allow it.

As we reported, This led to protests against the spa over the weekend and SoCal Antifa’s counterattack. Antifa’s people started attacking several protesters in an attempt to drive them out of the area, but the situation deteriorated into violent chaos, even fighting broke out, and the police had to respond to stop the chaos.

There is a man Antifa I don’t want to be entangled in the end Because he was covered in tattoos, he stood up to face them, and when they tried to approach him, he beat one of them with a huge rosary that looked like a chain. The Antifa kid eventually had to appeal to the police officer who appeared to have arrested the man. This is hypocritical because Antifa usually tries to get rid of the police. Obviously, unless they need them.

The Antifa people tried to portray the protesters as “phobias.” However, this is not a good position when you are on the side of protecting the adult from exposing the penis to the little girl.

One of the protesters made a video detailing how her daughter had her penis exposed to her in the women’s section of the spa in January last year. This is a woman who is different from the original viral video, which talks about another incident last week. But the woman who described the incident last year explained in great detail how a naked man with a beard and penis came to the woman and her six-year-old daughter and older Korean ladies-all naked-in the female hot Bathtub. The woman explained that she is a registered Democrat and it is not about a transgender person, but about the exposure of her young daughter and other women.

Sadly, the lady almost felt that she had to apologize for this completely normal feeling, because she didn’t want a naked penis and a five o’clock shadow to surround her naked 6-year-old daughter. No, you don’t have to apologize for that; it’s the people who think the exposure is good.

The video shows that this is not a one-off event, but an ongoing problem. Hot springs feel bound by law, but the law should protect women and children. In any other case, someone will question whether the behavior is potentially criminal. This is the purpose of Antifa to protect and attack people.

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