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The power of originality

When it comes to building “your business”, being different is everything.

But originality can promote your business faster than anything. In fact, we are now operating in a very, very crowded space. It is almost impossible to come up with 100% original business ideas or 100% original marketing concepts.

Unfortunately, the barriers to calling yourself entrepreneurs and original creators have always been low. You can say almost anything about yourself or your business online, and in most cases, people will believe this. Another problem, and perhaps a bigger problem, is that people are just blatantly plagiarizing each other. I am the first to call on people to solve this problem.

I don’t think you need to copy someone to launch a product, or promote your blog or podcast, or give a speech, or organize a book. You can get inspiration from other people’s work. You can observe what your competitors are doing. But the ultimate success will depend on you and how you want to be talked about when you are away.

I have been delivering keynote speeches to hundreds of people on conference stages all over the world, and showing examples of people openly imitating each other on the screen. I openly appeal to people. This is not just because I am a victim of copyright infringement; this is just a hasty way to build your business. You shouldn’t just want to be better than your competitors. You should seek to do something different.

It is better to be different than to be better.

After all, you are the biggest difference when we talk about the power to be original and stay original. When you created The Business of You, it was 100% original because only you existed. Your corporate role cannot be copied because it is about:


Your personality…

Your experience…

The things you know…

Things you can help people…

The person you want to serve!

Remember, everything about staying original comes down to always being yourself. This is why I said before that smoke bombs will not work. Sooner or later, you will stumble and leave eggs on your face.

In order to appear externally, you must know who you are. This is about telling your story. This must start with a complete understanding of oneself as a person. You always hear people talking about trying to find themselves, or they can’t figure out what kind of person they want to be.

It’s really about you becoming you.

This is my close friend and entrepreneurial ally, Pat Flynn Said in his book Can fly?: “The world needs you. It needs your energy and what you have to provide.”

So, the first question you really have to ask yourself is, what makes you great? What will make you stand out from the crowd? This self-awareness should be at the top of every Youpreneur’s must-have skills list. It is very important to figure out what makes you great. The other side of the coin is that you have to be true to yourself. You must be keenly aware of what you are struggling with. Obviously, you will want to highlight the positive side.

Introducing Youpreneur “Self-Awareness Test”

When I help coach clients to understand themselves, I will let them do an exercise. Take a piece of paper and draw a line in the middle. On one side of this line, write down all the things you think you are good at. I call it the “flattering oneself” list. You have to really pat yourself on the back to make yourself sound great, because you are!

For example, suppose you are a health coach. You might list something, such as understanding how to dig deeper into the biggest cause of pain or stress from your customers. This skill will make you an excellent health coach. Other examples might be the ability to evaluate people’s medical records and understand where they were before and after you worked with them, or the ability to get people to accept new daily activities that include fitness, stress management, and meditation. Everything a health coach should be good at.

If you are a business coach, your “Pleasure yourself” The list will look very different. You may have skills such as reading and understanding income statements. You will be surprised how many business owners don’t know how to read the income statement-myself included! In the first three years of my business, I didn’t care about my damn income statement! I only care if I make money. Finally, my financial director came over and said to me: “Boss, I think you should learn how to read this book, because we might be able to change it a little bit and save some money here and there.”

Look, one day, she spent five hours watching the income statement with me, so I really understood how to read it correctly, and then we started to save 4% or 5% of costs every month. If you have the ability to help your customers read their income statement, write it down! Your customers will like you for it.

Now, when you list all the things you are good at, write a second list on the other side of the middle line. This one is not that interesting, but it is equally important, I promise.

this is “Let us become a reality” List, I like to call it that way. These are the things you know you are struggling with. I have met people who are untrue to their weaknesses. I often say that if you are not a graphic designer—for example, a real graphic designer—you have absolutely no right to sit in Photoshop and try to design website logos or images for social media. That thing should be entrusted. It’s not worth your time to do what you struggle with. You can find other people who are good at these activities and they will do better and faster than you. As a reward, you will be able to focus on and accomplish what you are good at-the things on your “boast” list!

As you can see, the one thing I am still trying to solve today is the management staff. I will be the first to admit that I am a very lame manager, frankly. However, all I can do is lead people. I can lead people into any battle before them. I am a good leader, but I am not a good manager. What should I do? I hire people who can manage people well. I hire people who can manage the department well so that I don’t have to bother myself.

This is the self-awareness that every entrepreneur is striving to achieve-or worse yet, they don’t realize it is important until they make a costly mistake!This may be an ongoing battle, but if you can figure it out A) You are doing very, very well-what makes you great with B) Where you are not doing well-where you are struggling The sooner the better, it will allow you to achieve higher levels of success in the future.

Your job is to make sure you work with those who can make the biggest difference!

Authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, experts, seminar hosts, seminar speakers, bloggers, podcasts, live broadcasts… These types of people (people like you!) are placed on the earth, from a height Drop your “value bomb” and understand the power of originality. After all, there is nothing more suitable for your market than you. Once you have defined all of your content, you can start building your brand business.

It is important to do this at the beginning of business planning because it defines the entire business model that you will create.

Knowing who you are and knowing yourself from the inside out may now seem irrelevant or relevant to your market, but it will go a step further. This all comes into play when it comes to knowing your market and creating content to serve them appropriately and answer their questions so that they can enter your email list and buy your products. Before attending seminars or live events, etc., self-awareness will help you to help them achieve a certain level of success.

This, right here, is everything!

This article is an excerpt from my new book “The Rise of Youpreneur”, now available in (Including bonus!), and other places to sell good books!

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