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The reporter was “traumatic” on January 6th, ridiculously sad-RedState

“Reporters” are keen to produce every story about themselves, covering a catalog of issues they cover.In light of this, they now turn to Riots on January 6 Become a proof of their own so-called trauma.

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Vice News published an article today that included all kinds of ridiculous and sad anecdotes, from some journalists in need of treatment to others who refused to enter the Capitol.

The reporters discussed their personal experiences a few days after the riot in the Capitol. But few people talk publicly about the lasting impact in the months since-the damage caused to them that day, the difficulties that some people face when returning to locations where they have experienced trauma, and reports that Congress still has serious differences on this issue. What was it like that day’s event…

…The emotional scars are still there. Six months after their office was attacked, the press corps on Capitol Hill is trying to figure out how to cover up the consequences of the uprising and its personal and professional impact.

Some reporters there will not return to the building. Many people seek treatment to deal with trauma. A long-time reporter on Capitol Hill chose to retire early shortly after experiencing the riots. Many people still don’t sleep well.

To be clear, no reporter was hurt on January 6, and as far as I know, no one even tried to hurt anyone. Of course, the same is true for many members of Congress who claim to have been severely traumatized.

In any case, it seems to me that this self-centered panic is largely open politics. Why have we not heard of any journalists traumatized by the riots during the summer of 2020? Why do they only get hurt mentally when they believe that Trump’s supporters will come to pick them up? To reiterate, I have not seen any evidence that any of them were actually sought or in danger.

Those who broke into the Capitol violated the law and were severely punished for it (far exceeding precedent requirements). However, what happened was mainly walking around, yelling and taking pictures. I question any reporter who claims that they are still traumatized after six months and try to turn themselves into stories. Logically speaking, there are many things that affect the work of journalists. This is the only thing we have heard of and it feels quite convenient.

Many complaints are simply delusional.

No one tried to appear in any reporter’s home, and the profanity of the Capitol as his “girlfriend” makes it hard to believe that these people clearly expressed their feelings, rather than through a deep partisan lens.

There will never be an incident like January 6 in the Capitol again, mainly because of how it happened. This is a small branch of a larger, completely peaceful protest. Any future gatherings of this kind will attract a large number of National Guard and police presences before the first person appears. After that, no groups of hundreds of people will appear alone in the Capitol and break through on their own. This is impossible. In my opinion, these are objective observations.

Journalists should live in reality, and if they cannot rejoin reality, then it may be time to find a new job.

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