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The Republican Party has been taken over by extremist conspiracy theorists and crooks, so the blog believes that it is time for Trump supporters to consider issues to help them determine their views on the current party status, ideology, and lack of policy making. Reasonable Republican congressmen must continue to fight the margins.

100% support the conservative issue of the former president’s one-party system, with Conspiracy theories should ask yourself;

  • Are you looking for facts that support the reports of Fox News reporters?
  • Do you support that people with mental health problems or violent crimes in the past can buy guns?
  • Are you in favor of militia organizations overthrowing our government because their party lost in the election?
  • Your state government can overturn the election results and cancel your vote just because they don’t like the election results. Does this make you uneasy?
  • Have you ever studied whether what a Fox Performance reporter said is true? If not, why not?
  • Do you think that Republicans should justify immoral behavior, while Democrats should be punished for the same or not so bad behavior?
  • If you find that Trump is paying for the abortions of many women he has slept with, would you still support Trump?
  • What should elected officials who violate the Constitution do?
  • What should elected officials who violate the teachings of the Bible do?
  • If the lies of elected officials can be refuted, what should they do?
  • If a man grabs a woman’s genitals without permission, as Trump bragged, is this abuse?
  • If the president commits a crime while in office, do you think they should be prosecuted? If not, why?
  • Have you ever opposed the ideology of Trump, Mitch McConnell, or Kevin McCarthy?
  • Do you think conservatives’ pursuit of power reduces their moral operation?
  • Have you seen the video of the attack on the Capitol on January 6th? If so, have you heard the mob threatening to hurt Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence?
  • If you saw an attack on the Capitol, did you see the police being beaten, insulted, and threatened?
  • If Vice President Mike Pence is killed, what do you think of the Capitol attack?
  • Have you heard Senator Mitch McConnell accuse Trump of causing the riot immediately after the riot?
  • Have you heard the minority leader Kevin McCarthy blamed Trump for the actions of the mob immediately after the riots?
  • Do you support the position of the 14th member of Congress not to award the Congressional Gold Medal to DC and the Congressional Police?
  • Do you think the police in the Capitol should be respected?
  • Have you read the constitution or at least all the amendments?
  • Do you understand that if you ignore Trump’s many ways in violation of the Constitution, you must accept the same behavior of the Democratic president?
  • Do you believe in the equality of all races, religions and genders? If not, why?
  • What are the three policies that are part of the Republican Party’s 2021 platform?
  • Do you think the Republican Party should split into two parties?
  • If there is indisputable evidence that Trump is prosecuted for federal crimes, would you accept the rule of law instead of your admiration for Trump?
  • Do you believe in Q’anon’s ideology?
  • Have you considered forming alliances with traditional members of Congress such as Adam Kinsinger, Liz Cheney, Senator Mitt Romney, and Ben Sass?
  • Are you benefiting from Obamacare? If so, what do you think of Republicans trying to get rid of it, without the alternative plan they promised?
  • Are you benefiting from President Biden’s CARE ACT? How do you feel that no Republicans voted for it?

These issues are intended to cause a change in the ideology of partisan hatred and conspiracy theories that now define the Republican Party. It can be instructive to ask yourself challenging questions about our feelings and beliefs. Insight and openness to change our minds can bring new ways to perceive others, ourselves, and the beliefs that guide us morally, politically, and behaviorally.

Published by Rebecca Sper

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