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The Republican Party’s general opposition to Biden’s agenda says that their only agenda is to win in the middle of 2022. They are spreading lies that they know are the strategies of false banks to win the House and Senate. Lie #1 The election was fraudulent and stolen from Trump. Lie #2 The uprising is a legitimate demonstration to defend democracy. Lie #3. Trump did not instigate an attack on the Capitol. Lie #4. He will resume the presidency in August. Lie #5 Joe Biden is mentally incompetent.

“Winning culture” is the sole agenda of the new Trump faction of the Republican Party. They opposed all the bills proposed by the Biden administration, exposing the bankruptcy of their values ​​and the distortion of their patriotism. In the absence of effective alternative policies, Republicans have become masters of obstruction. Biden is fighting for it;

  • Protect voting rights by fighting state voter suppression laws
  • Legislation for racial justice in policing
  • Climate change policy
  • Reduce the economic gap between classes
  • Social services such as childcare assistance to help families return to work and contribute to the economy
  • Increase access to affordable healthcare

Voters who believe that Trump and Republicans are America’s saviours should honestly admit that Republicans never include healthcare, poverty, police reform, climate change, or services for children or the disabled on their platforms.

They care about guns, guns, guns, money, money, money, power, power, power, and white identity.

Their position that individual states should make decisions on all issues without the participation of the federal government is a false excuse to cover up that the core of the party is not humanitarian. In the Republican narrative, hypocrisy is obvious. They argued that the federal government should delegate control of all issues related to the improvement of Americans’ daily lives to the states, but should fully participate in gun rights, reduction of women’s abortion rights, and voter suppression legislation. The party is led by Senator Mitch McConnell. He is the most corrupt politician in modern history. He actively breaks all ethics and appoints conservative judges to expand the influence of the federal government on issues of concern to them. At the same time, it ignores policies and plans to improve health, financial security, and safety. American.

The Republican Party is launching a mid-term campaign with themes of propaganda, lies, and corruption, led by the leader of an authoritarian cult and former President Trump. The party is more concerned about winning elections and power, redefining what democracy means, using Trumpism as an excuse instead of the founding father’s definition of democracy. The timidity of elected Republican officials is shocking. Their fear of circuses, shy, reality TV celebrities, and failed former presidents is weakening and embarrassing the country.

To win control of the House of Representatives and Senate by spreading lies about stolen elections, and to promote Trump’s lies to restore the presidency, saying that the rebellion is a legal and constitutionally protected demonstration. Trump represents the best democracy in the United States It is a failure strategy that the Democratic Party should support. The Democratic Party is about to win easily in 2022.

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