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The Smith Family Comics Continues – Episode 5 Out Now – William Mitchell – Modern Monetary Theory

Episode 5 of our new weekly comic series – The Smith Family and Their Money Adventure – Available now. Have fun with it and distribute it to those you think would benefit…

The Smith family is a middle-class family living in a city in the world. Second generation parents are college educated and have professional careers. Their two children attend local public schools.

Please note that after episode 6, the series will become bi-weekly.

As the stories became more complex and the concepts more complex, the writing and art work became more time consuming.

Therefore, during the second half of the first season, the series will be updated every two weeks.

In Episode 5, the Smith family travels to Kyoto for a vacation to spend time with Elizabeth’s best friend Mariko Fujii and her husband Hiroshi.

Mariko and Elizabeth went to college together and became friends ever since, sharing all their intimate thoughts, hopes, and worries.

Hiroshi Fujii worked at the Bank of Japan. When he met Chris, Chris was also working at the Bank of Japan and was responsible for handling swap arrangements between banks.

Ryan is very unimpressed with his choice of vacation destination, and we all know that.

Discussions ranged from whether the Japanese government would run out of money, to Ryan’s conjecture (which was just a repeat of what Professor Notard keeps saying on his morning TV finance show), to what actually limits government spending.

Macro helps Kevin understand the concept of real resource constraints, while Ryan simply thinks that any additional government spending means he will have to pay higher taxes.

I hope you enjoy this unfolding story.

If you identify yourself with any of these characters, then either continue spreading your MMT knowledge or get our textbook and get up to speed, depending on which character you might identify with.

Any feedback you have other than “this sucks” would be greatly appreciated.

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That’s enough for today!

(c) Copyright 2023 William Mitchell. all rights reserved.

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