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The snake crawled out of the toilet and bit the man’s genitals

An Austrian man was surprised by an albino python and bit his genitals after sitting on the toilet on Monday morning. This undated document photo shows an albino python curled up in an unspecified location.
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On Monday morning, an Austrian man was bitten by a snake on his genitals while going to the toilet, which made him feel unpleasant and unusual surprises.

According to a press release issued by the local Austrian police, the 65-year-old victim felt “a’distortion’ in the genital area” shortly after sitting on the toilet in his Graz home at about 6 am. When the man looked into the toilet, he saw an albino python over 5 feet long looking back at him.

This snake belongs to his 24-year-old neighbor, a reptile lover, and there are 10 other snakes and a gecko in the apartment near him. The police said that it is not yet clear how the snake escaped from the glass container, but it “may have entered the toilet through the sewer system.”

The victim, who asked not to be named, was taken to a nearby hospital, where he received treatment for so-called “minor injuries”. The python is not a poisonous snake, but uses contraction to kill its prey. However, being bitten by a snake can be very painful and bring additional risks, because some animals may be disease carriers.

After the bite incident, the police called on reptile expert Werner Stangl to remove the snake. Stangl told the Austrian newspaper Cronohn Newspaper Rescuing snakes from the toilet is a daunting task, especially while being careful not to injure the pythons.

Fearing that the vibration would scare the snakes, emergency rescuers were asked to leave the toilet before the toilet rescue operation began. The reptile tried to resist Stangl by tightening his muscles and pressing himself on the toilet. It was eventually removed before being cleaned and returned home.

The authorities are investigating the owner of the python. According to reports, he is “shocked” by the incident and whether there is a potential negligence attack. Despite the decision to return the snake to its owner, the local veterinary authority may eventually make a different decision.

Weekly newspaper Contacted the Austrian Embassy in Washington for comments and other information.

Monday’s incident is far from the first time a snake has been found in a toilet. Although there are few reports of bites, pythons have been involved in many incidents.

Last month, Tableland Snake Catchers was asked to remove Inhabited python In a toilet in Queensland, Australia. It was soon discovered that the snake had entered an open checkpoint near the home and passed through a pipe into the toilet. No bites or other injuries were reported.

In March, a 45-year-old man in Thailand Almost bitten After sitting on the toilet and noticing that something hit his back end-he soon discovered that it was caused by a large python. A video posted online showed an emergency rescuer pulling the snake out of the toilet.

A 54-year-old woman in Thailand Really bitten Last October, a python broke into the toilet in her home. After Boonsong Plaikaew was discharged from the hospital, she was treated for bite pain and bleeding. She said that since then, she has “checked the toilet every time before sitting down”.

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