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The U.S. shot down an armed drone over its embassy

youOn Monday night, S Force shot down an armed drone over its embassy in Baghdad. According to Iraqi security forces, the defense system fired rockets into the air, rendering the drones unable to operate. A few hours ago, a US military base in western Iraq was hit by missiles.

Since the beginning of this year, the country has carried out 47 attacks on American targets, and 2,500 soldiers dispatched by Washington are still stationed in the country as part of the international coalition against the jihadist militia “Islamic State.” Six of the attacks were carried out using drones that could evade the U.S. defense system.

So far, no organization has acknowledged these attacks. However, according to experts, they bear the signatures of pro-Iranian groups. The Washington government provided $3 million to obtain information about these attacks, which shows that the United States is taking drone attacks seriously.

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