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The stabbed mother near the Oxford Circus cheers for the “hero” skateboarder


A man was hacked to death in front of frightened Oxford Circus shoppers. His old mother praised the two skateboarders as heroes who tried to save his life.

Stephen Dempsey, 60, was found stabbed outside Microsoft Before 8pm on July 1st, he was in the Oxford Circus store and later died in the hospital.

His mother, Beryl Dempsey, said that his death left her “shocked” and “aphasia”.

She thanked the “courage and courage” of the two male skateboarders who intervened after the attack and urged them to get in touch with the police.

In a statement issued by Metropolitan Police She said: “I feel speechless. I am still very shocked and I have been expecting him to come back from the door.

“He takes care of me and I am very dependent on him.

Oxford Circus stabbing / Amplifier line

“I depend on him for everything, I miss him very much.

“I hope to have the opportunity to personally thank the two men who intervened to save my son’s life.

“Your behavior is heroic. I thank you for your courage and bravery. Now I ask you to come forward and help the police investigate.”

metropolis Policemen Attempting to track the skateboarders because they did not stay on the scene to talk to the police and their details are not known.

According to a police spokesperson, their role was exposed after reviewing closed-circuit television and other video footage of the incident and its aftermath.

Chief Detective Inspector Vicky Tunstall, who is in charge of the investigation, said these people may be key witnesses.

She said they showed “great courage” and added: “I continue to emphasize that these people’s behavior is completely reasonable and there is no doubt.”

She emphasized that the police only wanted to talk to them as witnesses, and by coming forward, “they will greatly help our investigation.”

The police have released photos of the two and urged them to call the incident room on 0208 785 8099.

Tedi Fanta, 25, who has no fixed address, appeared in Westminster Magistrates Court on Saturday and was charged with the murder of Mr. Dempsey and possession of a knife.

He was remanded awaiting trial and appeared in Old Bailey Tuesday.

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