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The subway changes its menu amid declining sales

Under the situation of sluggish sales, Subway is undergoing a transformation. The sandwich chain will start offering new ingredients and sandwiches on July 13 as part of the most comprehensive update of its menu.

The Connecticut-based company experienced a decline in revenue after becoming one of the world’s largest fast food chains. According to the franchise disclosure documents, Doctor’s Associates, the parent company of Subway, reported revenue of US$689.1 million in 2020, a 28% decrease from the net sales of US$958.9 million in 2019. According to reports, Subway closed 10% of its stores in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Subway introduced 12 new ingredients and a new mobile app to re-engage customers. It calls its new menu change to “eat fresh, refresh.”

“How do we get people to look at this brand again and come back to us? So we are making the biggest and boldest change in the brand in decades,” Trevor Haynes, head of Subway North America ) Tell CNBC.

These moves occurred after other major fast food chains switched to higher-quality ingredients or healthy choices.

“People are really eager for food innovation. There really isn’t a lot of food innovation.” CEO John Chidsey said.

Subway stated that the goal is to maintain its image of a healthier choice, but still provide “desired” effects at an affordable price, and customers should not expect any price changes due to improved ingredients.

This July will be the biggest upgrade to date, with new ingredients.

It is expected that new sauces, breads and proteins will be introduced. Two new bread options have been developed for more than two years: Artisan Italian and Hearty Multigrain. In addition to adding deli-style ham and turkey slices, shredded avocado, fresh mozzarella cheese and parmesan balsamic vinegar.

The day before the launch, Subway will close all stores at 6 pm in preparation. Subway will provide free sub-promotions for customers arriving between 10 am and noon. The chain will give away 1 million sandwiches.

Another part of Subway’s transformation includes a new look that was recently launched for its app. It will give customers a better digital experience, where they can see stores with out-of-stock components and improved mobile ordering.

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