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The “tension” of long-term infections in unvaccinated young people


It’s a kind of “real tension” to continue to develop long-term Covid numbers for unvaccinated young people, the CEO of the company National Health Service The supplier has issued a warning.

Long new crown Covers a range of symptoms, including fatigue, cough, headache, and muscle pain.

It is estimated that more than 2 million people are United Kingdom May suffer from these symptoms.

But Chris Hopson, who recently spoke to the CEO of the NHS Trust Fund on this issue, told BBC Breakfast: “One thing that shocked me yesterday was… they said they were really worried about unvaccinated young people. The number of people who have mild Covid symptoms due to Covid infection will soon have more severe long-term Covid-type symptoms.”

Mr. Hopson added that he didn’t know exactly how the situation would “develop” and advised people to “be careful to identify risks” because “this is not just hospitalization.”

He added: “In fact, once people are infected with Covid, they may develop very serious long-term diseases.”

His comments came a day after Professor Chris Whitty issued a stern warning about long-term Covid.

He said: “Since there are many Covids and the incidence is rising, I regret to say that I think Covid will last longer, especially among young people whose vaccination rates are much lower.

“Fundamentally speaking, in my opinion, the two ways to prevent the long-term existence of Covid are to keep the Covid rate low and make sure that everyone is vaccinated so that they will develop very mild diseases. I think We really only need to do our best for these two people.

“I think that compared with previous cases, the number of deaths caused by Covid will be greatly reduced in this wave, but I think the long-term existence of Covid is still worrying. We don’t know how big a problem this will be, but I think we should assume that this will not be trivial.”

More than 45.4 million people in the UK have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

But 32,548 new Covid cases were recorded on Wednesday, the highest number since January.

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