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“The Trailblazer” Britain’s first black policewoman dies at the age of 83


Sislin Fay Allen, the first black female policewoman of the ritain, died at the age of 83. Metropolitan Police Say.

Ms. Allen joined the Metropolitan Police in 1968. At the age of 29, she became the first black female police officer of the force and the United Kingdom. She died at her home in Ocho Rios. Jamaica on Monday.

Madam of the Metropolitan Police Department Cressida Dick Describes her as “a pioneer of her time and an inspiration for many people”, and the former black metropolitan director Loy Logan Compliment her for being an “amazing” woman.

Sislin Fay Allen was a nurse before joining the police

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Ms. Allen decided to change her career after seeing an advertisement for male and female police officers when she was working as a nurse at Croydon Queen’s Hospital.

After completing the training, her first position was at the Fell Road Police Station in Croydon, near where she and her family lived.

After a year in Croydon, she was sent to the Missing Persons Bureau in Scotland Yard and later transferred to Norbury Police Station.

Ms. Allen resigned from the army in 1972 and returned to Jamaica with her husband and two children.

When she joined the Jamaican police, this was not the end of her policing career.

British Law and Order – Police – Minorities – London – 1968 / PA file

She later returned to England and lived in South London briefly, then returned to Jamaica, where she lived in Ocho Rios.

Mrs. Cressida said: “Sisling was the pioneer of her time. When she became the first black female police officer in the Metropolis and the UK, she was inspiring for many people. She followed her for many. Her footsteps and the women who joined the Metropolis after her paved the way.

“Sisling’s legacy continues, and today we will remember her life and her unique contribution to police.”

Mr. Logan, the former chairman and founding member of the Black Police Association, wrote on Twitter: “I know how difficult it was to join the Metropolitan Police in the early 1980s, but compared to the extraordinary Cesslin Fairylen, it seems Insignificant. In 1968, she became the first black female officer in the United Kingdom.

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