Just the day before the new Israeli president planned to visit the U.S. president Joe Biden In the White House, the United States, dressed in darkness, carried out three air strikes on Iranian targets located along the border between Syria and Iraq. Two of these attacks occurred within the Syrian border and the other occurred in Iraq.

This Pentagon A statement on Sunday night explained the reasons.

“Under the guidance of President Biden, American armies John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary, said that earlier this evening, the U.S. military carried out defensive precision air strikes on facilities used by Iran-backed militias in the Iraq-Syria border area. “These targets were chosen because these facilities were used by Iranian-backed militias to participate in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks on American personnel and facilities in Iraq. Specifically, the United States attacked two locations in Syria and one location in Iraq. And weapons storage facilities, these two locations are close to the borders between these countries. Several Iranian-backed militia groups, including Qataibu Hezbollah (KH) and Qataibu Said Shuhada (KSS), All use these facilities.”

On June 22, 2021, Syrian regime forces and Iranian-affiliated terrorist organizations attacked the residential area of ​​Mintif village in Idlib, Syria, and the scene of damaged buildings. At least one civilian was killed and two others were injured.
Photo by Izzeddin Kasim/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Less than two hours after the Pentagon announced the news, the White House announced Biden’s schedule on Monday, which included a visit by the newly elected President Ruben Rivlin.

The meeting is scheduled to be held at the White House around 4 pm.

Kirby went on to say that the strike was to protect American personnel, facilities and “interests” in the area.

“As demonstrated by the attacks tonight, President Biden has made it clear that he will take action to protect American personnel. Given that Iran-backed groups are conducting a series of attacks on American interests in Iraq, the President has directed further military action. To destroy and prevent such attacks. Attacks. We came to Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government, the sole purpose of which is to assist the Iraqi security forces in their efforts to defeat Islamic StateThe United States has taken necessary, appropriate, and deliberate actions to limit the risk of escalation—and at the same time it sent a clear and unmistakable deterrent message. “

This is a story of development. More details will be announced when they appear.