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Delta also means that young people face more risks

DSocial Democratic Party Health Politician Karlauterbach The Permanent Vaccination Committee (Stiko) has been asked to reconsider its restrictive recommendations for corona vaccination for children. “In the UK, there are already many children infected with the new crown virus in clinics. The Permanent Vaccination Committee believes that Covid is harmless to children. In my opinion, this does not apply to the delta variant,” Lauterbach told the Rhein Post.

For the Delta variant, the number of hospitalizations is much higher: “The Robert Koch Institute assumes a hospitalization rate of 11%, which is twice that of the Alpha variant. The difference is large, especially among young people, so the Delta version is a problem. Especially for children,” Lauterbach said.

Stiko has no general recommendations

Stiko has not issued general vaccination recommendations for children and adolescents 12 years and older. She recommends only vaccinating people between 12 and 17 years of age with certain pre-existing diseases (such as obesity, diabetes, and chronic lung disease). The committee justified its recommendations nearly three weeks ago. Among other things, the risk of severe Covid 19 disease in this age group is very low.

“The information from Stiko is always related to the old version,” Lauterbach criticized. “The risk of infecting children with the Delta variant is too high. And alternating classes is not a solution.”

At the same time, he suggested that more work should be done to attract vaccine skeptics. “In Israel, despite the high vaccination rate and good weather, the incidence is still rising. It turns out that true normality will only be accompanied by a very high vaccination rate.” He believes that a vaccination rate of more than 80% is necessary of.

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