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What the newspaper says-June 28


He resigned because of Matt Hancock due to the scandal Sanitation Committee Leading most newspapers in the country, and more news about the target date for lifting restrictions.

This Daily Mirror Some effects that cause “nausea” Hancock The scandal, including the pay he will receive after leaving his job, and the anger of his bereaved family members over his “hypocrisy” in maintaining social distancing.

subway Said that Mr. Hancock was reported to the police by a Labour MP for violating social distancing rules.

protector Boris Johnson said that with regard to Mr. Hancock, Boris Johnson “still has big questions to answer”, including the possible misuse of public funds.

This IAt the same time, the “Whitehall Security Dispute” has broken out due to the leaked CCTV footage of Mr. Hancock kissing his assistant Gina Coladangelo to the media.

This Daily mail Asking whether the relationship between the two began a year ago, which also led to a report showing that 100,000 students failed to return to full-time education after the school reopened.

and Daily Express Experts are concerned that Mr. Hancock’s apparent violation of social distancing regulations will cause “mass violations” before the country’s new target date for lifting restrictions on July 19 is officially “free”.

Daily Telegraph Focus on Mr. Hancock’s succession of the Minister of Health Sajid Javid Said he would push for “rapid relaxation of restrictions.”

era This story was also published on its front page, Mr. Javid’s “confidence” limit will end on July 19, but he is ahead of the plan of the Secretary of the Interior Pritty Patel Quasi-immigrants are held in “offshore centers.”

Simultaneously, independent Avoid the Hancock legend, and urgently appeal to volunteers in the third coronavirus injection trial.

This Daily Star A staff member of the Ministry of Defense left a top-secret document on the confrontation between the British navy and the Russian army and the movement of troops in Afghanistan at a bus stop.

and Financial Times Said that due to the global crackdown on cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance has been banned from entering the UK.

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