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Donald Trump’s appearance at a rally in Ohio yesterday was an embarrassing and sad manifestation of a former president’s mental decline. He spread his weary and repetitive dissatisfaction and spread the same old lies in a performance without policy, full of sad insecurity and desire for crowd approval. Like the loyal audience of Housewives of Beverly Hills, Trump fans begged him to replay their favorite episodes during his reign as the first and last mad king in the United States.

At his Ohio rally, Trump announced that “we will never stop fighting for the real outcome of the 2020 election”, which he called the “crimes of the century.” No wonder many Trump supporters are called uneducated, simple-minded cultists. Is there anything more stupid, more desperate or more dangerous than Donald Trump’s hysterical rant? In the tragic repetition of the few remaining presidency in his history, he released his greatest attacks and dissatisfaction. He has become his own comic, and only those who don’t want the finale of this season to end can support him. But it came. Although his loyal fans deny it, the video, audio, and facts on his closed Twitter account are there.

Reality check of the uprising

  • The mob he incited to attack the Capitol are Trump supporters, many of whom are members of white supremacist groups
  • Many insurgents said they attacked the Capitol. Stop the election certification because Donald Trump told them to do so.
  • Five people were killed in the Capitol attack
  • Officer Michael Fanone suffered a heart attack and a brain injury after being attacked by a Trump mob
  • The mob yelled “Hang Mike Pence” and “We’re here to catch you, Nancy.”
  • 140 people including Washington DC and Capitol Police were beaten and injured in the riot
  • Trump instructed the mob to “go to the Capitol and fight desperately to retake your country.

Authenticity check of election fraud claims

  • Over 65 allegations of election fraud raised by Trump lawyers were dismissed by judges on both sides
  • Trump or his lawyers did not provide physical evidence of fraud
  • Even the former corrupt Attorney General William Barr came out and said that no major fraud was found in the 2020 election. He recently called Trump’s fraud allegations “nonsense”
  • The secretary of state in each state has proven the legality of the election count in his state
  • The Supreme Court rejected the case, saying there was fraud in Pennsylvania
  • Trump tried to implement the kind of fraud he accused the Democrats of by asking the Secretary of State of Georgia to find him one more vote than Biden, thereby winning Georgia.
  • In order to avoid being labeled a “loser” and avoiding a toxic spiral of shame in front of his fans, Trump fabricated a story, or worse, he believed in the illusion that he had failed due to fraud.

Trump’s psychopathology is so profound that it prompted him to use his first rally this year to avenge Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez because he voted to impeach him. Washington insiders and Trump’s longtime colleagues report that Trump always has a list of people he wants to destroy. The most frightening thing is that when you see him threatening and belittling others, he enjoys it. He vowed to oppose all 10 Republicans who voted to impeach him. Therefore, like every gang boss, criminal or cartel czar, Trump only seeks revenge, power and money.

At his Ohio rally, he brags about the racist part of his base by attacking Biden’s immigration policy and attacked the Supreme Court saying that he was ashamed of the conservative court’s denial of his election fraud allegations. People believe that an unqualified, dishonest person makes unsubstantiated remarks to legal professionals, election officials on both sides, Supreme Court judges and the secretary of state. What’s the problem? Oh, this is how adults explain blind loyalty to a person: Captured by a cult.

The low-level members of Trump’s followers will excuse him for any crimes, even if they are prosecuted, they will undoubtedly be found guilty and sent to jail. However, the rest of the supporters may be contacted because they support him, not because they believe in him or like him, but because they disdain the Democratic Party. However, as these Republicans within reach take away the benefits of the projects Biden is fighting for, they may at least abandon Trumpism and return to conservatives who truly care about democracy.

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