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The White Hotel Rat drank 12 bottles of wine: Is it safe?

A group of rats broke into a liquor store in India and drank 12 bottles of wine.

On Monday, employees of a government-run TASMAC liquor store in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu were taken aback when they opened the store. Times of India Report. They found that the caps of 12 quarter bottles were open-all empty, covered with rat bites.

The report stated that the store has been closed for a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The store manager and TASMAC officials immediately launched an investigation upon learning of the incident. Investigations revealed that there were rats in the store. The emptied wine bottle is worth 1,500 rupees (20 U.S. dollars), India Today The report cited official sources.

Drinking 12 bottles of wine will definitely affect the mice. Fortunately, this will not harm them.According to a study published in the journal, alcohol-drinking mice may even live longer than mice that only drink water throughout their lives. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

Study co-author David Sinclair said: “The exciting thing is that there is a huge difference in lifespan between alcoholics and abstainers, regardless of whether they actually drink.” Genome News Network.

A published study Psychiatric Consultant It also showed that the protein in the hippocampus of the brain of mice that had drunk for five weeks increased. This reduces the incidence of brain cell death, thereby preventing Alzheimer’s disease in rats.

In addition to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, alcohol has also been found to improve memory in rodents.Researchers in University of Reading Give the mouse a glass of champagne for a week. After careful analysis, they found that mice that drank alcohol were better at solving puzzles than mice that did not drink.

Because scientists believe that rodents are good models of human behavior in some ways, various experiments have been conducted on mice and alcohol.One LearnFor example, it indicates that rats are more likely to drink under pressure. Researchers deprived alcohol-dependent rats and conducted stress tests on them, and found that alcoholic rats showed a keen interest in drinking after being tested.

In eastern Australia, farmers are fighting a catastrophic plague that lasts for several months. They worry that these rodents will survive the winter and prosper again in the warmer months.
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