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Things to never forget when planning a Dubai desert adventure

Dubai is world-famous for its fantastic desert landscapes. Travel and tourism to the desert are common year-round. However, the peak season for desert safari in Dubai is definitely winter. This is also the reason why tourism activities in the city increase during the winter.thinking and Rent Nissan Patrol in Dubai When planning a desert adventure!

You will need to pack your bags and bring many other items to make your desert trip more convenient. The desert is a dry, unforgiving place… so pack all the right things before your trip. Here are some things you should never forget during your desert adventure in Dubai.

Bring appropriate clothing

Loose, lightweight, breathable clothes A must in the desert heat. Also, wear long-sleeved clothing and long pants to protect yourself from the sun. If you are visiting the desert during the day, be sure to wear clothing that covers your entire skin. No matter what season it is, the sun in the desert is very dazzling.

Bring appropriate sun protection

When visiting the desert during the day, a high SPF sunscreen is an absolute must. The sunshine attracts many people to the desert. However, traveling without sun protection can be deadly. Skin protection is the key! Additionally, sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats can also protect your eyes and face from harsh rays.

dubai safari desertdubai safari desert
Sun protection is key during your Dubai desert adventure

A trip to the desert is completely different than a trip to the beach. While there will be plenty of sand on both trips, the sand in the desert is completely different. Closed-toe shoes or sandals with ankle support tend to work best. The desert terrain is uneven and not easy to navigate. Therefore, the right shoes ensure comfort and safety.

scarf covering property

Desert climates are not completely unpredictable. However, if you don’t know better, you might be surprised. Strong hot winds may blow for no apparent reason. Therefore, a lightweight scarf is very helpful in covering your face properly. Scarves are also a versatile accessory that can adapt to changing desert temperatures.

Plenty of water to rehydrate

If you go to the desert with a tour company, they will provide water. However, it is always recommended that you bring your own as well. The desert will become dry and harsh. Natural or artificial water sources will be scarce.Also, staying hydrated in the desert is important Main security issues.

Bring enough travel snacks

It’s important to carry some snacks with you on your trip. Depending on the desert location you'll be visiting, the distance can be quite long. So when packing for your desert adventure, bring along some delicious consumables. However, please be aware of waste and dispose of any wrapping paper responsibly.

Dubai Safari Desert CuisineDubai Safari Desert Cuisine
Dubai Desert Food

Arrive in a suitable car

The comfort of your desert safari in Dubai depends on your car or luxury SUV. Additionally, it is important to consider the number of people on your hunting trip and your luggage. If you don't own an SUV personally, rent a suitable one. In addition, foreigners can also rent SUVs.make sure you understand parking fees in dubai It's also very clear.

Backpack stores your essentials

When visiting the desert, you will bring snacks, desert maps, smartphones, and many other items. Also, the pockets may not be enough to hold all of these things. Therefore, be sure to carry your essentials with a backpack. Backpacks also make it easy to carry items like cameras, water, and other clothing.

First aid kit

The desert can be a very unforgiving place. You never know when you might get a minor bruise or scratch while exploring the desert. So, bring at least a basic first aid kit. Also, there is no pharmacy in sight. Bring any medications you may be taking.

Don’t forget the power bank

Different people like to bring different electronic devices with them on their desert adventures in Dubai. Modern cars and SUVs do a great job of powering most of your electronic devices. However, it is still very convenient to bring a large-capacity power bank. It can charge your phones, tablets and laptops comfortably.

Outfits for day and night

Temperatures vary greatly between day and night in the desert. It will be quite warm during the day and surprisingly cool at night. Therefore, please bring appropriate clothing for your stay. If you plan to stay overnight, pack lightweight sweaters for everyone traveling with you.

Identity document

The desert is a very vast place. Therefore, it is important to be well prepared. In addition, local authorities will closely monitor the condition of the rough terrain. Be sure to bring identification documents with you when visiting the desert. Foreigners need to bring their passport and identity document.

dubai safari desertdubai safari desert

last words

Plan a desert safari Dubai is undoubtedly very exciting. However, choosing the right time to travel to the desert and bringing the right items are essential steps for a convenient trip. When planning your desert adventure in Dubai, be sure to bring all the items mentioned above.Also, come with someone with local experience Dubai trip To be on the safe side, please provide guidance if you have not been to the desert before.

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