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Three luxury summer sandals that I can’t stop wearing

This is the man of pedicure season! Are your toes ready? Is your shoe rack ready for summer? When these two factors match, you are ready for a barbecue in the backyard, a beach holiday, and summer Friday.

As we all know, the weather in New York is unpredictable, but we have gradually become warmer in the Big Apple-I dare say it is a hot day. Many of you know that summer is my favorite season and I find it very interesting to wear clothes for it. However, one of the most frustrating fashion issues is when you have a killer outfit but don’t have the right shoes to show off. Or rather, to have the right shoes, but you can’t promise to wear them wherever you go. Wear high heels at a picnic? Maybe not. Flip-flops in a five-star restaurant? It’s better to pass.

Since summer is obsessed with showing off, I want to share three luxurious sandals that I can’t stop wearing. Two of them are comfortable, thick sandals, and one is a very feminine heel because hey, baby, it’s all about balance.If you missed my video blog last week, you can see these beauties up close and personally, as well as the entire Transport of luxury spring and summer clothing and accessories. Yes, I write jokes myself.

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