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TMBA 632: The Journey from Productization to SaaS and the Return of the “Giving Business Idea”

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Productization or Software as a Service? A hot topic that is often discussed on TMBA.Of course, there is no right or wrong answer, but in today’s show Brian Cassell Talk to Dan about the factors that led him to switch from one to another through sales Audience Action and start postal information And the different challenges of both:

“With productized services, it’s really more about process. And building highly repeatable services…but in SaaS, it’s less about process and more about building. Every month New stuff. It’s not just about building new features, but what’s the next marketing channel that I can try to leverage and unlock new customer segments.”

You’ll also hear about Brian’s decision to accept funding this time around, having always been self-reliant and selling Audience Ops without using a broker. Plus, there’s the return of our favorite engagement game – The Donation Business Idea.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Dan and Ian “donate” three business ideas (09:08)
  • Why Dan uses the “Crypto Sherpa” service (19:22)
  • Steps Brian took when he decided to sell Audience Ops (30:23)
  • Deciding to boost investment with bootstrapping (34:38)

Mentioned in the episode:

Before Export – Our New Book
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dynamite ring
Dynamite work
Post remote work
Dynamite Deals
Tropical MBA on YouTube
Dynamite Jobs – Remote Jobs Sales Page
Brian Cassell
Audience Action
postal information
Rob Waring
JD Grafham
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Calm Fund
Tyler Tlingas
Matt Paulson
market rhythm

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