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TMBA 673: Side Jobs to Millions Inc500 #98 Business

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Side-Hustle, which evolved into a full-time business after a lot of hard work, has been the subject of many entrepreneurial journeys. We’ve covered a few on this show.

But Brenden Marquardt’s story is particularly interesting for a few reasons: Even though he was in a well-paying finance job and knew he wasn’t good at “ideas,” he was prepared so that when he looked for opportunities Be prepared to present for yourself.

On today’s show, the co-founder of Brenden Homestead Brand Talk to Dan about how accidental clicks to a website led him to buy loli bedHis methodology is “doing” not “doing” business

“When I hired my first executive team member, Dodes, he was in charge of our product — manufacturing, relationships, logistics, etc. Even before I hired him, just talking to him, I realized that our The goal was too small because I didn’t know how to do whatever he did every day in the furniture business.”.

And why Brenden took inspiration from The Sopranos to start a business with other family members.

listen and learn

  • Brenden decides to buy Lori Beds
  • Develop a business and earn high-income corporate salaries
  • What ‘scaling’ can do for your business
  • Why not being a “thinker” can work in your favor

Mentioned in the episode:

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