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TMBA585-There is no business like Snow Business

The plot this week is… strange. We arranged a great interview and we were ready to start, all it needed was a bit of skill from our excellent audio editor, Arison. There is only one problem-Allison lives in Austin like Ian, now Dan.

For those who did not follow the American news, Texas suffered a once-in-a-lifetime blizzard. For a few days, most parts of the city had no electricity or clean water. Dan had to break a door to shut off the sprinkler system in his apartment.

All of this means-we can’t bring you the show we plan for this week. Therefore, we think this might be an opportunity to relive one of the audience’s favorite episodes, according to our pouch, the episode where Dan and Ian talked about selling their valet business. Hope you like it, and we promise to resume normal service next week. Thank you for being with us.

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