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The Clement retreats to Rajasthan with Vilasa Luxury

As domestic travel has become popular due to the new crown virus, more and more people, including myself, have been looking for unspoiled, well-preserved secret places where we can escape the city and discover more about our land. . ……………………………………. . . . . . . . . . . . . .live.This is what i found Luxury villas, A travel portal, specifically for you to create and plan customized travel itineraries to meet your taste and travel preferences. I am looking for more information about Rajasthan, even though I have visited it many times before and they provide it!My friend and I arrived from Delhi Karajodra Village Then continue De la dunes, jamba We look at Rajasthan in a whole new light-from the enthusiasm of the people to the remote places we see, to the food we eat, and of course the absolutely wonderful experience we were taken away. We were refreshed when we came back!

We started with Dela Village of Carajo It is about 6 hours drive from Delhi. The property is located in an inconspicuous location on the map, in the middle of the gourd plantations. Hyenas visit these plantations at night, witnessing local farmers firing air guns into the air to scare them away. There are 16 comfortable huts in Deira Village, which almost reminds me of the time when my father enjoyed infantry officer gatherings when he was still in the army-intimate family atmosphere, lush green lawns and outdoor bar settings, options for playing badminton, billiards The room is equipped with a beautiful fireplace for cold winter nights, and there is also a common dining area for all guests to gather and eat together. I love it!

I must specifically mention how incredible the food at the two Clement Retreats hotels is-they mainly use fresh organic produce grown around their own farms, while the rest are obtained locally to support neighboring farmers. It reminds you of delicious ghar-ka-khaana with unparalleled freshness, while introducing you to typical Rajasthani dishes and preparations that you may have never heard of. outstanding!

De la dunes, jamba It is an 8-hour drive from Deira Village, but if you like flying, you can easily reach it via Jodhpur. Similarly, on the top of a remote sand dune, with 16 huts and a stunning 360-degree view of the surrounding land, you can see some spectacular Rajasthan sunsets, and there are beautiful spaces throughout the hotel for you to relax and capture by yourself There is also some reading and a nice swimming pool!

We also experienced some amazing places, such as the salt field in a nearby village called Baap. A local potter opened the door to us and visited a weaver’s home, where he and his wife weave by hand The most popular carpet, witnessed thousands of Demoiselle Cranes flying from Mongolia, stopping in Khichan, eating Jowar as the best banana bread you’ve ever eaten, no kidding).Can’t wait to show you the lovely photos of this experience Luxury villas Retreat with Clement.

Dela Village

Relax outside our cabin

In the winter sun, paired with some piping hot potato nuggets and beer, it’s great!

We even participated in a badminton game and several billiards games.

The dunes in the distance, while we walked to the nearby dunes at sunset

Our lunch place in the winter sun

Inside the weaver’s house

The temple near Jamba is absolutely stunning at sunset

Like I said, the sunset we experienced was extremely beautiful.

Our hut in the dunes de la

It is amazing to witness these thousands of Demoiselle Cranes in Khichan early in the morning to feed and rest for a while, and then fly in amazing arrow-shaped formations.

Yantian in Baap

At the potter

The sunset on our last night in the dunes de la dune. Had such a great evening with Anjali of The Clement Retreats!

At our sunset, walk around the dunes of Dera Dune

Moved by the hospitality of all the staff. When we were there, it was also very special to be able to participate in the flag-raising ceremony of Independence Day. We sang the national anthem and then ate laddoos. Excited about all this as we were when we were young!

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