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TMBA626: Talking Shop: Business goals, inflation, and our favorite locations

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Recently, we have received a lot of requests from listeners for old-fashioned “talk shop” genre episodes.

This week, we did just that, and in a typical tropical MBA way, we focused on three specific themes, which are the most important themes at the end of the year.

We first discuss whether we believe we are on the right path to achieve our goal of establishing an 8-digit business in the near future.

The second part delves into the terrible “words of mine” that we often hear recently: inflation and its impact on entrepreneurs everywhere.

Finally, we will end this episode with some relaxed conversations, as we will talk about some of our favorite digital nomad locations and disclose our schedule of events in 2022.

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Listen to this week’s show and understand:

  • How realistic is our goal of developing an 8-digit business. (2:48)
  • Our view on the sharp rise in inflation. (12:56)
  • The role that cryptocurrencies can play in hedge against inflation. (23:58)
  • If we could only choose three countries, which three countries would we choose to live in? (27:48)
  • Preview our schedule of events in 2022. (38:33)

Mentioned in the episode:

Before exiting-our new book
cooperate with us
Explosive ring
Explosive work
Explosives sale
Tropical MBA on YouTube
Post remote work
Explosive Job-Remote Recruitment Sales Page
Let’s talk about advanced podcasting strategies 1 hour
Startups of the rest of us

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Dan and Ian

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(Transcript will be released soon)

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