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Tokyo bans spectators from participating in the Olympics

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  • Spectators are not allowed to enter the Summer Olympics.
  • Tokyo has declared a state of emergency for Covid-19.
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Organizers said on Thursday that after Tokyo declared a state of emergency for Covid-19, spectators were prohibited from watching the games at the Olympic Games.

“Unfortunately, in the face of the spread of the coronavirus infection, we are hosting the Olympic Games in a very limited form,” Seiko Hashimoto, chairman of Tokyo 2020, told Reuters.

This New York Times According to the report, Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga acknowledged the challenges facing the country because the more contagious delta variant has begun to spread. He warned that as people go home during the summer vacation, the virus may spread to areas outside of Tokyo.

But at the same time, Yoshihide Suga promised to host an Olympic Games written in history, not as another victim of the pandemic, but as an example of perseverance in adversity.

He said that audiences from all over the world will watch, “I want to send them a message from Tokyo, that is, to overcome difficulties with effort and wisdom.”

The threshold for achieving this goal was even higher on Wednesday, when Tokyo reported 920 new coronavirus infections, the highest number since May, when the number of cases rose briefly to more than 1,000.

The state of emergency announced on Thursday will begin on Monday and will take effect during the Olympic Games beginning on July 23. This is the fourth time Tokyo has entered a state of emergency since the beginning of the pandemic.

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