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Toxteth’s “complete transformation”, 40 years after the riots


Ten years after the riots broke out Toxtes The changes caused by the unrest led to a “complete transformation” Liverpool

During the nine days of chaos in July 1981, 468 policemen were injured, 500 people were arrested, and 70 buildings were severely damaged by the fire and had to be demolished.

The riots took place on July 5 and 6. The violence was the most serious and was triggered by the arrest of a young black man.

In the following four years, the city experienced a huge revival. In 2008, it was named the European Capital of Culture, with an annual tourism economic value of 4.9 billion pounds. This year, the first black mayor was elected.

Michael Heseltine in Liverpool. / PA file

Mainly Michael Heseltine When he became Minister of the Environment two years ago, he felt a sense of “personal responsibility” when he saw the riots.

This Conservative Peer was freed from Liverpool in 2012, and he is already working on an urban regeneration plan.

He told the PA News Agency: “I have been involved for two years and I have not yet realized the seriousness of this problem.”

Lord Heseltine stated that the riots “injected a certain degree of urgency” into the plan.

But for others, the shocking scene is predictable.

Liverpool Waterfront Stock / Amplifier line

70-year-old Dave Clay was working on the Merseyside Community Relations Committee and a member of the Liverpool Negro Organization. He said he had warned the parliamentary committee of trouble in 1980.

Mr. Clay is the author of “Liverpool Black History”. He cited issues such as employment, housing, education, and the relationship between the police and the black community.

He said: “My feeling was against the police.

“In any case, I have no doubt that the police have been racists for most of my life.”

He said that although he has been focusing on organizing communities to solve problems, the younger generation reacted differently.

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