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Trump’s lawyer Rudy Guiliani’s legal license has been suspended by New York State because his false statement about the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent and stolen. The court’s ruling signifies that all Republicans who continue to lie about the election results will begin to be held accountable and justice. This also marks that Tang and other rioters are in trouble trying to prevent those certified for the 2020 presidential election. Downplaying the rebellion and trying to limit voting rights now defines the Republican Party.

Since Trump came to power, Rudy Giuliani has been acting strange. Many people who have known him for many years are sad and worried about the decline in his cognitive ability and personality. Like countless others caught in the temptation of corrupt networks and Trump’s cult, Giuliani is facing responsibility for the mistakes he committed to maintain a good relationship with Trump. In this week’s CNN political report, his license was revoked in New York for “conveying apparently false and misleading statements about the 2020 election results to the courts, legislators, and the general public. As former President Donald Trump The lawyer, Giuliani, lied, participated in a corruption plan, and was an accomplice in Trump’s anti-democratic crimes.

The recent raid on the disgraced former mayor’s apartment, the confiscation of electronic data records, and the suspension of his lawyer’s license in New York all indicate that justice is approaching him. Recently, a May 2020 article in The Guardian summarized his corruption case;

  • His corrupt activities in Ukraine forced officials to make comments that hurt Joe Biden to help Trump win re-election.
  • The U.S. ambassador, Marie Yovanovich, was expelled from her position in Kiev and played a key role because she posed a threat to her corrupt political agenda
  • Received $500,000 in fees from his two Russian colleagues Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, who were sued for accepting illegal financial donations from foreign sources
  • Violation of Foreign Agent Registration Law
  • Potential bribery or money laundering conspiracy
  • His political work in Ukraine “exposed him to a veritable mishmash of different federal crimes” Phil Halpern, a former federal prosecutor specializing in corruption and campaign funding cases

As Trump’s other former lawyer, Michael Cohen, discovered, Trump will not show loyalty to anyone, no matter how loyal they show to him. Given the public’s tarnishment of Giuliani’s credibility, Giuliani should be prepared to be kicked to the side of the road by Trump. The former president, the biggest loser, is known for belittling former loyalists once he thinks they are no longer useful to him politically or personally.

There is an obvious curse in joining Trump’s circle. In the end, scandals, imprisonment, loss of careers, and destruction of family relationships all made it to the presidency because of following the path of corruption of the most dangerous people.Giuliani and other fallen people have only one chance of redemption; attack Trump and all his flatterers, leave the cult, apologize for your crimes and moral behavior, and take action to repair the damage you have caused to our country

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