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UBX launches startup mixer; focuses on collaboration, building alliances

UBX, the leading open finance platform in the Philippines, has hosted its first regular remix event, bringing together founders, industry players, venture capitalists and investors to accelerate the growth of the local startup scene.

Known as the UBX Lounge 48 Mixer, UBX organizes quarterly social gatherings with communities and organizations such as JCI Manila, Alike Community and Fintech Alliance, allowing startups to meet, collaborate and exchange ideas and initiatives on food and beverages.

“The key to navigating the ever-changing business environment around the world is openness and collaboration. We are all part of a mutually supportive ecosystem. It is important that we continually engage and collaborate with our community,” said UBX President John Januszczak.

UBX invited several speakers to the first UBX Lounge 48 Mixer, including former Department of Finance (DOF) Secretary Gary B. Teves and Gobi-Core Philippine Fund Founding Partner Carlo Delantar.

Given the delay in the implementation of key laws and policies that support the development of startups, Tevez discussed how alliances can be key to local startup success.

He also highlighted the need for the Philippines to focus on developing science-based educational programs to meet the growing demand for research scientists and engineers — two of the most in-demand roles for startups.

“Most of the funding over the past two years has been concentrated in three key sectors, e-commerce, fintech and mediatech. We need to further support other important sectors such as agtech, educationtech, cleantech and healthtech – all These are all vital to nation building,” Tevez said.

Delantar, on the other hand, spoke about the financing environment in the Philippines. He said Gobi-Core believes that “the time is ripe for the Philippines to take its place in the world as a key player in the technology space.”

“The Philippines is at a critical juncture in technological innovation. Investment, talent and ecosystem building remain the cornerstones of development. This mixer provides the community with the opportunity to connect with government, business, NGO and startup representatives after more than two years of lockdown ways to meet different audiences,” Delantar said.

The first UBX Lounge 48 Mixer attracted more than 100 participants from various fields – from startup founders to venture capitalists, from industry leaders to upstarts.

UBX Managing Director Jaime Garchitorena highlighted the importance of collaboration in the startup community, likening it to how UBX’s open finance framework works.

Open finance requires different actors to collaborate and share permissioned data to build new products, develop existing services, and tailor solutions to the finance-related needs of individuals and organizations.

Garchitorena said: “As a single organization, it takes decades to make a difference, but if a vision is driven by a community — an entire ecosystem — the impact of our collective efforts will be faster, More sustainable speeds felt.” .

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UBX is a fintech startup studio and fund under the Union Bank of the Philippines. UBX is built on the invisible future of financial services: seamlessly embedded in the experiences and activities that truly matter to businesses and people. For partnerships, please email [email protected]

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